Sacred Medicine moved through me and led me deeper into the mission of sharing wealth consciousness on a bigger scale.

Wealth is so much bigger than money alone.

“Affluence includes money but not just money. It is the abundance, the flow, the generosity of the universe, where every desire we have must come true, because inherent in having the desire are the mechanics for its fulfillment.” ~ Deepak Chopra

I desire affluence, don’t you?

Holistic wholeness and wealth flows with more financial success, richer relationships, an energetic abundance of vitality, spiritual wealth, and unlimited freedom (time, money, location), and so much more.

I love this work!

That’s why I created courses around wealth consciousness like the course WEALTH CODES. It’s more than money mindset that shifts people into a new perspective and earning potential, it’s sacred strategies, awareness practices, healing our generational relationship with money, healing any lingering self-worth blocks, letting go of trauma, opening the channel of divine attraction, and stepping firmly into our desires….this leads to freedom. 

The next live virtual course kicks off in January.  Register at 

If you’re not quite ready to jump into one of my courses but want to stay connected, I have a free community group for women. Hope to see you there!

WRITING OPPORTUNITY: I have a few spaces left in my forthcoming book WEALTH CODES: Sacred Strategies for Abundance for passionate practitioners, coaches, thought leaders, and change-makers called to make a difference in the lives of others.

Schedule a virtual coffee with me to learn more about the vision for this project. It’s so good!

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