Success has so many meanings and I find it shifts with deeper purpose each turn of the year. I see my expansion flowing into my son’s new perception with a “mindset is everything” type spirit.

My desires flow into the potentiality of what he sees and believes is possible. This wasn’t the case when he was enrolled at the wrong school.

I felt like I was failing him because school was such a horrible experience, “pure torture”, in his words.

No matter how hard I tried to make a difference, he was frustrated, drained, and attached to the pain from the school experience. It robbed him of his joy on weekdays.

I fought relentlessly for him from halfway into kindergarten through the end of the second grade. The process was dreadful.

If you haven’t sat through grueling IEP meetings or felt the pain of your child’s struggles as they try to cope with unnecessary suffering, you may not understand where I’m coming from. There are intense stressors, symptoms, and high states of anxiety caused by not having needs met.

All the meetings, testing, waiting, and ridiculous run-around to get a thread of hope into motion is pure torture for mom’s too.
Gratefully, by calling the wrong right number. I found out about a school I otherwise wouldn’t have ever known was an option.

We left public school celebrating our asses off and entered the private school for 3rd grade with limitless possibilities to shift everything.
We’ve got such a cool relationship and talk deeply about his experiences. Through his willingness to shift, we’ve witnessed some badass mindset magic.

The unhealthy beliefs caused by previous school trauma are not welcome…he’s kicked ’em out! Emotional and energetic patterns have shifted beautifully.
Trading a toxic environment for a more aligned space to learn set the stage for him to let go of past experiences and pave the way to success.

Woo-la! Success.

My kiddo got straight A’s on his report card.

We’re celebrating his success with S’mores.

I couldn’t be more proud.