I’ve been deep in the journey of serving others for such a long time. Moving from owning a catering company to being a field marketing manager in the southeast, 60 stores, always on call, never having downtime, and expected to go-go-go.

I learned working harder isn’t the answer. I had the title, the big salary, the expense account, car allowance, bonuses, and lots of travel. I wasn’t fulfilled. I was mentally and physically exhausted from all the doing.
Then, I met this wildly persuasive man (now my husband) that somehow convinced me to teach dance for a living and put all my hours on the road into the world of dance and entertainment. It was a crazy idea and I still cannot believe I said yes.

Again, I worked non-stop, this time on business, and on the dance floor training, practicing, rehearsal after rehearsal, running a business, running dance crews, student groups, and Latin nights. I did what others didn’t think was possible.

I danced on big stages and received tons of recognition, worked with music artists, actors, actresses, TV, and movies, but I was still completely unsatisfied.

It was his dream, not mine. He’s still happy dancing, performing, and running our dance and entertainment company, Salsambo. https://www.salsambo.com

It taught me a lot of valuable lessons and I grew thick skin!

I learned the art of rejection which is really valuable for casting calls and running a business.
I discovered how to see criticism as interesting and used it to my advantage for self-growth.

I conquered people-pleasing which was pretty deeply ingrained into who I am as a woman. Trying to make everyone else happy made me unhappy, so I retired from the suffering and laid that to rest and teach others how to do the same.

I honed in on my intuitive powers to read people, their intentions, and their insecurities. I practiced the art of reading energy through 1000s of students and I put my psychic gifts to the test for the full decade I was in this industry.

I used the world of entertainment as scientific proof while I tested everything, collected field data for personal expansion, and built trust and confidence in my natural gifts.

My empathic gifts are a superpower but working with that many people, I had to quickly learn how to harness “the gift” without absorbing what was not mine, and I did.

Dance taught me is how to own the room, stand in my power, and have a stage presence. I can turn it on and off like a light switch. The integration of energy medicine playfully directs the energy with intention and illuminates a more powerful presence….it’s pretty cool!

The stage taught me how to get comfortable with all eyes on me. Tiny costumes will do that! Teaching extremely large groups of people gifted me the experience of projecting my voice, being the expert, speaking with confidence, breaking things down into simple steps, teaching the same thing in a variety of ways, and dealing with difficult people. These are gifts not all teachers are skilled at and I honor my ability to do so.

I gained endurance, perseverance, and how to put willpower to good use. I mastered moving energy through my physical body down to the smallest detail and I can articulate it all.

Working in Latin nightclubs taught me how to woman up. I can handle the ruthless and the rude, the hecklers and the assholes, the jealous and creepers. I also learned the value of a good bouncer.

My personal journey with all of its twists and turns led me into my where I am now. The place that is aligned, rich, and satisfying. I’ve landed here in the ever-expansive grounds of healing arts, facilitating transformations, and activating women into purpose. Passing on my knowledge of energy medicine, the sacred arts, magic, mysticism, and money.

I’ve done all the things, made mistakes, and positive I’ll make some more. I’ve survived the ups and downs of owning a business grew through challenges and propelled forward closer to big visions savoring where I am now.
There has to be a blending of masculine/feminine ways of doing things in business just like in healing ourselves. I’ve studied for 30 years, I know these energies and how they show up in the way people teach, coach, express themselves, and do business.

The masculine is all about the outcome, the bottom line, structure, processes, the grit and grind, and going to bed exhausted.

The feminine is a creative force of nature that is innovative, leads with intention and purpose, she knows working harder isn’t better, it’s just harder. So, like a muse, she seduces balance and creative solutions to do more in less time. She loves life and wants to experience it ecstatically while running a successful business but she needs support to birth all of her ideas into form otherwise nothing will get done in the way she envisions.
Together, the energies bring success without sacrificing the things that matter most. Together business flows in the right direction and all areas of life are honored. You don’t have to sacrifice your life for your business, you need to integrate it and infuse it with your values and purpose. Breathe life back into the business and give soul to money so you become a magnet for wealth.

This is wealthy living. A holistic approach that offers a new way of doing things. There’s a frequency that we hold with wealth consciousness. It’s delicious, confident, powerful, purposeful, magical, and requires trust.
We don’t chase, we attract. 💋

Reach out if you are ready to switch things up. Private and group programs are available. www.jenpicneo.com/programs