I’ve learned a lot over the years working with actors, actresses, musicians, and celebrities in the lime lite.
They have the same insecurities, fears, struggles, challenges, and hardships as everyone else. Sometimes even more so.

I’ve counseled and coached, taught, choreographed, massaged, stretched, shared energy work, facilitated shamanic healings, worked on body image and confidence, along with channeled messages for some fascinating people.

I used to offer VIPs any time slot they needed. I moved mountains to make what they wanted and needed to happen despite the inconvenience it caused me.

Then, the big ah-ha zapped me. I realized that they needed me, not the other way around.
There are tons of practitioners, but not with my knowledge, skillset, or a blend of magical spiritual/psychic gifts.

I’m a high-level, high-touch boutique in a world of Walmarts. That realization made all the difference on who and what I say yes to.

I’m sharing this for whoever needs to realize that they don’t have to say yes. It feels liberating to say no. The power of choice is a divine birthright. Use it wisely.

Know this; you’re not a convenience item. You’re a precious gem with unique gifts and talents.
You’re as unique as your fingerprint and you get to choose what feels right to you.

On this full moon, I invite you to let go of other people’s demands and expectations. Go ahead, drop the resentment it caused while you’re at it.

Instead, claim the freedom of living on your own terms.

You can say “no” and still be successful.

Stop trading joy for success. You get to have both. 💋

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📷 Memories of my days and nights working on a choreography for Devious Maids.