The Next Step – EXPAND

This season has been full of pushing my own personal boundaries (and setting some pretty good ones too). I’ve had to get down and dirty to wipe out some outdated thought patterns and trust my own expansion.  I’m constantly guided and reminded of my purpose here. Sometimes I’m stubborn and don’t listen right away (I’m quite the rebel, ya know). Other times I answer the call with incredible enthusiasm. This time, well, it was both. At first, I was resistant to take on such a big responsibility and all the work that comes with it. I was completely comfortable with my private healing practice and my cozy little magickal life. Nonetheless, Spirit kept pushing me forward. Actually, it was more like a shove.

Cindy and I had already been working together for classes and retreats. Then, through grit and grace, we discovered why we were at the same crossroads, we both needed to get out of our own damn way to bring forth 4 Alchemy Mystery School to share our teachings as a global offering.  As we stepped out of our comfort zone out,  everything fell into alignment and these courses were born with fierce intentions of how and why we are showing up for our communities and our global audiences.

Was it scary to take on such a huge task…hell yes!  We did it anyways! We had to get out of our own way and let ourselves be exactly who we are. It took trust in each other and in ourselves, AND the next big step forward. If you are ready to step forward with us and EVOLVE then register for the course. It’s an adventure of self that will help you find your own alignment in your own unique way.

We hope that you choose to take that step forward towards your own expansion. 

INITIATION is now open for enrollment online. This series is designed to awaken ancient connections while inspiring you to remember who you really are as you move forward in divine purpose and alignment. Don’t stop, take time for yourself and your unique spiritual practice. Live your magickal life with wonder and excitement. The magick stops only when you do.  You are beautifully unique. You are magickal beyond your wildest dreams, and you are meant to expand with divine purpose to your greatest and fullest potential in this lifetime.  ENROLL today.