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Emmy Stelling

Woman Essence, Netherlands

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Kate Hore-Lacy, Australia

Jen Piceno is highly trained in her industry. But the real magic begins when she uses her fierce, bold nature to compassionately hold you to feeling, experiencing and being the abundance you’re looking for. Jen will definitely take you to places you’ve never been before, uncover your blocks, and show you the path to the life you were looking for when you found her.

Dianna Leeder, Crave More Life Coaching and author of Find Your Voice, Save Your Life

Spending time with Jen is energizing! You’ll find yourself imagining new possibilities for your work and your life. If you’re looking to uplevel in both and follow your bliss, Jen is leading the way!

Kelly Myerson

Author and Holistic, Heart-led Well-being Guide

As you spoke, I felt as if nothing else existed. All that noise around me faded away. The peace that I felt was pure. Comforting. Jen, I am forever grateful you shared your gift with me. The world needs you.

Donna Blevins, PhD

Author of MindShift on Demand

You are amazing. I love your energy.

Holistic Living with Dr. Radisha

When I first asked Jen to lead a session with the co-authors of my book Find Your Voice, Save Your Life, my thought was simply about offering a session on celebrating having written our stories for the book. Honestly, I didn’t know exactly what to expect. In her most powerful way, Jen took us from a place of acknowledging our work and seeing our words as our own power to help other women heal, to a place of being embraced by our ancestral grandmothers, supporting us to do more. Thanks to Jen, we are off on a challenge to celebrate ourselves, not just today but each day coming. Jen is a spiritual powerhouse who can work with you personally, but also create an incredibly impactful session for your groups or your clients.

Dianna Leeder, Crave More Life Coaching and author of Find Your Voice, Save Your Life

Jen has the ability to deeply connect to Spirit and hold space for the gifts and blessings of each individual. She’s an authentic heart centered leader.

Lisa Michaels, Author of Natural Rhythms: A Sacred Guide Into Nature's Creation Secrets

Jen is a caring, compassionate and fierce healing soul with knowledge and magic to share with everyone who comes to her.

Emily Francis, Author of The Body Heals Itself

I had a shamanic healing session with Jen Piceno this week and it was wild. I don’t know how to describe it, really.

It started a few days before the session, when I told Jen I was nervous about our session because of some gendered language that I’d heard Jen use. We had an impromptu phone call that ended up lasting 30 minutes where we both shared openly about where we were coming from, what language we use, and why. By the end, Jen knew what language I felt most comfortable with, but paradoxically, I was more open to ‘uncomfortable’ because I trusted Jen’s medicine.

Then we got to the session and I was wrapped up in my head – where I didn’t really want to be – and Jen effortlessly had me drop down into my body. It was ‘coincidentally’ (haha) the anniversary of my mother’s death, and I had pulled the Death card that morning. Jen went into her channeling space and started conveying messages to me. There were a million echoes of other messages I have recently received, specific words that were meaningful to me in ways that Jen could not have known. Suddenly I felt a shift in Jen’s voice and energy and she started speaking to me from my mother, saying things I had never heard, showering me with the love I knew was there but could never feel from her. I had flashes of memories of time spent with my mom, and this time I could see the love that was always there, that my mom was hiding and that I was hiding from. Now it’s obvious to me.

Incredibly, next the Virgin Mary came through – and some of you know that for an acting role, I recently started praying the rosary and had received a Mary medallion. I don’t know why Mary is coming to me lately but I don’t need to know.

When it was all over, Jen let me sit and process and integrate into my body, and we talked over some of the messages from the session. I felt new. I felt ready. To be different. Since then, I have felt an unfamiliar lightness. It’s easier to be in my body. I’m happier. Still waiting for ‘what’s next’ but in a restful, curious way.

Jen, I’m so happy I was in a circle with you and that I took you up on your offer. I am grateful that you held space for our gender conversation and that you were so generous with your energy and your gifts. You are right: it’s time. 

Indigo, Canada

I have had the honor of being a part of what Jen Piceno is doing for the last several months. Jen has a way of getting to the truth of a matter in minutes. She has an innate ability to see what’s going on and be available for the solution. She doesn’t play small and doesn’t allow you to either. I have grown more in the last few months of doing work with her than I have in almost a decade of personal growth work. I cannot recommend her enough.

Erin Jones, Urban Evolution Salon 🌙

Jen has an incredible gift! I booked my first session last month, not really knowing what to expect, so I just went in with an open mind. I left with a new awareness, feeling refreshed and ready for what may lie ahead of me on my journey. Over the coming weeks, it was as if the flood gates opened and ideas started flowing. I feel like I am on my true path now. I cannot explain what she does, but I can tell you that I am eternally grateful that our paths have crossed and intertwined, if only for this season. Thank you, Jen!


Jen has helped me open up and clear obstacles that held me back. She Rocks! 

Jan Lactaoen

We met on FB and like minded, like hearted, facing the same direction for providing humanity with experiences to move into their greater good, we both spoke, the connection. We weren’t sure how it would flow, but we knew we’d be in some capacity providing experiences together. I had the opportunity to meet Jen during the Ben Winkler photoshoot in Charlotte. Jen is the real deal. Committed to family, self growth and to bringing women to their Divine Feminine wholeness while aligning them with their greatest sacred creative truth through all her shamanic, holistic disciplines. Now, I’m happy to say, Jen is our upcoming Atlanta event host for the mini marathon branding and beauty with Ben Winkler. 

Carol Lovell Calvert , Owner of Wellology Living, - Charlotte, NC

(Photo Credit Ben Winkler Photography)

Through spiritual guidance Jen was able to incorporate several techniques that brought together many parts of myself: the emotional, physical, and spiritual. Through energy healing, opening chakras, massage, prayers, and divine inspiration, Jen created a space for me to let go of old wounds and limitations. The session was peaceful and joyful! I am thankful for working with Jen as she allowed herself to be a channel of love and healing. New and exciting doors have opened up in my life since my session. I highly recommend Jen.

Ana Sousa, Owner of Refugee Village

I honestly didn’t know what I was getting into when I met this tiny powerhouse. She is fierce and beautiful and larger than life. And her work…well, it is nothing short of magical! 

Bridget Maddocks

Jen Piceno is an incredibly gifted and compassionate spiritual healer and a very talented massage therapist. She is professional but yet still develops a very personal connection with her clients. Jen truly takes you to a different place as she works on and with you using Reiki, prayer, and physical touch.

Cacao Ceremony:  “I’m so happy I was present for this magical experience, left with a new awakening! love you Jen!!”


Jen Piceno is an incredibly gifted and compassionate spiritual healer and a very talented massage therapist. She is professional but yet still develops a very personal connection with her clients. Jen truly takes you to a different place as she works on and with you using Reiki, prayer, and physical touch.

The physical pain from a surgery that I had last year is nearly gone with no pain medication, and my anxiety is at an all time low.

The power of her positive energy has made me believe in myself again and now I have started a wonderful new job that will be life changing.

After a session with Jen, I am always amazed at what has just taken place, the spiritual messages we have received together and that she has given to me bring tears to my eyes, even now.  Jen is a beautiful soul.  I hope that she has the opportunity to touch as many lives as possible. 

Shelley Boone Drexler, Atlanta, GA

I lost my younger sister and best friend prematurely and tragically in 2015. She died in my arms. I was determined to live my life to the fullest and according to my highest light in honor of her. Jen’s posts and messages were a wonderful help and inspiration to me in launching me into my spiritual journey.

I have received healing, wisdom and insight through Jen’s willingness to boldly share her precious gifts publicly. I have learned that the highest level of peace and joy comes through love, communion with and surrender to God. By surrendering to God’s love and divine purpose I have been able to embrace the ups and downs , the joys and disappointments with confidence that it’s all working together for my best interest. When circumstances don’t go my way, I now look for the value and the lesson in it with eager expectation rather than indulging in self pity or despair.

I once was a “walking dead” person. I was inauthentic and lacking real purpose, passion and enjoyment in life. Today I feel alive! I am moving into the center of my purpose and calling. I am knocking down obstacles and stepping into the fullness of life! I knew right away that Jen would understand that cheer for me and celebrate with me! It’s a precious gift to have a someone like that in my life.

I am grateful for Jen’s ministry. I so admire and respect her as a teacher, spiritual leader, minister, healer and love her as a friend! I am excited that Jen is offering even more services now and forming the Gypsy Moon tribe! I am looking forward to seeing where the rest of my journey takes me and I feel certain Jen will continue to be an instrumental part of my story and testimony! 

Paige Costley Schneider, Canada

Jen is absolutely amazing. She has helped both my daughters and I so much. She is truly a professional, and I am so glad that the Universe put her in my family’s life. I highly recommend her to anyone . You will not be disappointed. The moment you walk into her scared space you feel peace and love. My world is better with her in it and I guarantee yours will be too.

Sonya Cumming, GA

I contacted Jen because I had given up on finding my birth Mom and I was very frustrated. She did a reading for me and told me not to give up. She also told me that everything I was told in my life about her was untrue. I went looking for my Mother again and I found her almost immediately and I learned that everything that Jen told me in my reading was true! I finally have closure and the love from my Mother that I had always been missing. I will always be grateful to Jen for this gift.

Melissa Kidd, FL


Jen came to me at my time of need. She helped me through one of the hardest times of my life and I felt defeated! It was suppose to be a time of happiness, which it was, until I was told something nobody wants to hear…. In September of 2016, I was 6 months pregnant and I was diagnosed with stage 3 invasive breast cancer. Not only that, I was also dealing with a legal issue along with some serious relationship problems. My heart and kind were playing a pretty tough game of tug-of-war. I have had tarot card readings done in my past, but NEVER have I experienced anything like what Jen had done for me! Her intuition, integrity and skills are amazing!! I live in Florida, so we did all of our communicating over the phone. When Jen sent me my Angel card reading I was filled with sooooo many emotions and questions. She gave alot of information, but got straight to the point, as well as taking her time and explaining when I had any questions. When worry came over me, she helped me through it. Jen introduced me to my Guardian Angels- helping me realize that no matter how alone I felt, I am actually never alone, they are always there for me to talk to. Jen has helped me accept that my past is my past and I need to stop tormenting myself over it. Hand it all over- yes, i still struggle with that to this day- but i always go back to what Jen had told me. Jen has sooooo much compassion and it shows in her work. I will always happily recommend her to every and anyone.

Dawn Bagnoli, FL

Light Language & Soul Singing

I met Jen on a self exploration trip. She was intelligent, friendly, & incredibly intuitive. I had just met her, feeling awkward myself, I asked if she would share a moment of sound with me. Not only did she say yes… but she was brilliant!

She proved to me just how much when we doubled up to give two Sound/Energy Healing Sessions. She immediately kicked into her sound and SHE TOTALLY pulled out the anger the clients were harboring.

I would allow her to work on me & buddy up anytime the Universe allows us to. She is simply put… a gifted power house. And I am extremely honored and grateful our paths crossed.

Stacy L. Corley - Alternate Possibilities, Canada