In my 20’s I lived for the ring. I was a super fly weight dedicated to getting faster, stronger, and smarter. I trained with Coach Gary Brown, Eagle Boxing. Then life got busy, I got married, had a baby, and started a new business. Needless to say, my rock hard abs softened up over the years.

I’m long overdue for a full body comeback. Can you relate?

I don’t like big gyms, like not even a little bit. My mind got cluttered thinking about how I was going to get back in shape, . How much time, energy, and money do I want to invest? When I going to workout? How do I do this with homeschool and running a business?

That led to obsessively researching at home options which led to the decision to let go of my in-home therapy room. That was a huge decision. I’m transforming it into a dedicated space for family workouts which means theres no longer an option to work with clients in person.

This feels so good to me! Moving things out of the room instantly shifted my physical energy and left me feeling tingely, inspired, and energized. I ordered the FightCamp boxing bag, dusted off my old gloves and shared the news with my husband and son.

I had basic hand weights and resistance bands in the bottom of a closet, so we’re going to put them to good use too.

Now we’ve got a dedicated space to train as a family. I’m so excited!

Photo Credits: FightCamp

Let’s train together!

I’m hooking you up with 3 months of free FightCamp membership. FightCamp is interactive at-home boxing, which means we can compete and see our head-to-head stats as we follow on-demand boxing & kickboxing workouts. All their workouts are led by former fighters, so they really know what they’re doing, and all of their equipment is premium and designed to fit in your home. I really love it and I know you will, too!

I chose to support FightCamp because:


World-class trainers teach with energy, passion, and heart-felt dedication. I’m in their free online community and have loved the inspirational posts and family friendly environment. Teachers and members push you to go the distance, motivate, and cheer for each other.

I’ love inspiritng others, but I’ve gotta say this community has impressed me. EVERYONE is motivating each other, training at their own pace, mastering technique, and strengthening mind and body. It’s everything I’ve been looking for. There’s a family feel to this community. I’m excited to have the opportunity to get to know them online and my son loves seeing other kids hitting the bag with their mom and dad.


“FightCamp is designed to keep you engaged, focused and in the zone. Compete against yourself and others, celebrate your sweat and unleash your inner fighter with a uniquely satisfying workout.”

FightCamp has hundreds of classes for beginners-advanced boxing, kickboxing, strength and conditioning. The app is top-notch and we connect it to our tv for a big screen experience.

Join me! Here are 3 free months of FightCamp