Stop with the self-doubt. You’ve outgrown it, and it’s seriously out of style.
You’re enough.
Stop playing small when you know you’re ready to go big. TRUST yourself. You’re ready.
Self-doubt is self-destruction, so stop it. Learn to master your inner thoughts.
When something negative sneaks up on you, give it the middle finger 🖕 and let your inner wild woman roar.
Feel your power and own it.
You’re different, I know. Me too. That’s what makes you badass. Don’t hide it any longer; it’s what makes you, you.
You’re the only one on this planet that carries wisdom from your experiences and the challenges you’ve endured.
Step up, trust, and claim your power.
Take the next best step, babe, and don’t look back.
I’m cheering for you. 👑
My waiting list is open to working with me privately or in intimate sacred containers. DM to get on the list.
In the meantime, join me in Mystic Circle so I can get to know you.

Salsambo Atlanta Latin Cabaret Photoshoot, year and photographer unknown