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4 Alchemy Mystery School 770-896-2062 
Co-created and owned by Cindy Olah & Jen Piceno. This is home of the Awaken Your Most Magickal Self Series. Live & Online Courses available. 
Keith’s Cacao – Ceremonial Grade
(Guatemalan Cacao from the Chocolate Shaman) 
Click my Cacao Practitioners link to have an order shipped directly to you Buy Cacao Now  I offer Cacao Ceremonies & you may also pick up a 16 oz bars at Gypsy Moon sessions, events, and workshops $60 per bar. Bars go fast so if you want one, please text me at 770-896-2062 and I’ll hold one aside for you. 
Essential Oils

Ready to purchase
Buy Oils 

Experience the power of Therapeutic Grade essential oils within one of your scheduled sessions.
Custom Magickal Tools & Artwork For info on his custom magickal tools, grimoires, and artwork visit Grimoire (Book of Shadows / BOS) My personal KatFyre grimoire series were hand made by Steve Samsara. 
Healing Drums (hand made) If you know me, you know I love Shamanic tools.  Marshall Wayne Davidson at Nature Spirit Drums is an amazing craftsman… his work is fantastic. Visit Nature Spirit Drums  I first met Marshall at the Gathering of the Shamans. “Each drum is made from high quality animal skins and carries a unique energy and animal spirit” Please tell him I send him & Doug my love.  
Dance Lessons, DJ Services, Shows & Special Events Salsambo Dance Lessons & Entertainment 
Alfredo is the best of the best for dance and entertainment. 
call or text him at 770-899-2166