If you know me, you know I love Shamanic tools.  Wayne at Nature Spirit Drums is an amazing craftsman…my drums and rattles are handmade by him.  “Each drum is made from high quality animal skins and carries a unique energy and animal spirit”

Our Connection: I first met Wayne & Doug at the Gathering of the Shamans several years ago. In 2019 they hosted be for Thanksgiving weekend in Cape Coral to support me in recording the ABUNDANCE Cd, and co-hosted a healing workshop together. We developed a beautiful, deep friendship. They adopted me, and I adopted them right back! These guys are two of my favorite people.    Nature Spirit Drums 

Connection: I recorded track #8 on this CD for Gulf Coast Mediation / In2uitive Wisdom. The CD is available worldwide on all digital platforms. Here is the link to my personal track “Abundance for Unlimited Possibilities” on Amazon
Connection: I felt called to give back and Pachamama Alliance is one of the organizations that I am personally donating to to make a Global impact. 2020 I have committed to donating a portion of Gypsy Moon Inc program proceeds to Pachamama and have also created a birthday fundraiser to support Pachamama.

“The mission of Pachamama Alliance is to empower indigenous people of the Amazon rainforest to preserve their lands and culture and, using insights gained from that work, to educate and inspire individuals everywhere to bring forth a thriving, just and sustainable world.” DONATE NOW to Pachamama Alliance
Our Connection: 4 Alchemy Mystery School is a collaboration of teachings blended together by Cindy Olah and Jen Piceno / Gypsy Moon Inc. This co-creation is filled with inner wisdom, mystery, magic, deep healing, and intensive training for those ready to awaken their most magical self. New Priestess Program Fall 2020

Courses are available online at
Keith’s Cacao – Ceremonial Grade
(Guatemalan Cacao from the Chocolate Shaman)  Buy Cacao Now

Our Connection: I am a Cacao Practitioner and only use Keith’s Cacao in my ceremonies. Use my discount link to have an order shipped directly to you Buy Cacao Now  or if you are local, pick a bar up from Gypsy Moon $60/ 16oz bar to avoid shipping fees.
Our Connection: I am a non-team building, non MLM minded distributor. I use oils in my personal and private practice and offer essential oils because I believe in the long history of plant medicine. Folklore and indigenous ancient wisdom is deeply rooted in the power of plant wisdom and I love that!

Explore Essential Oils on my affiliate site here Explore Essential Oils 
Visit Salsambo Dance Lessons & Entertainment at

Our connection: I first started dancing with Salsambo in 2000 and a very cliche thing happened. My dance teacher and I fell in love then married in 2002. I danced, performed and taught with Alfredo at Salsambo for over 10 years. Movement moves energy and dance is therapeutic in so many ways. If you want to spice things up this is a good place to start! Tell him his wife sends big love!

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Through my own health and wellness journey, I have been led to Dr. Gundry’s products and cookbooks, which were recommended by my homeopathic practitioner. 

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