Do you rescue plants?

I recently learned that Lowe’s has a mark-down area where you can rescue plants that need extra TLC.
RESCUE. That word landed in my heart with visions of more houseplants.

I love plants!

Our wealth corner is enchanted with each gorgeous plant. In feng shui, the wealth corner is the top left corner of the energy map.

Ours is lush and overflowing with glorious green plants, some of my favorite crystals, and a really cool Goddess representing the spirit of money.

My good friend James Kealiipiilani Kawainui mentioned how they “rescue” plants and my ears perked up with divine knowing that I’m forever going to do the same.
I rescued this beauty (for 50% off). She’s been blessed, named, and welcomed home with love.

If my home transforms into a tropical houseplant wonderland, it’s thanks to my friend James!

Consider rescuing some houseplants instead of buying overpriced flowers this Valentine’s Day. 
They’ll keep giving you loving, good vibes all year long. 

If you rescue some, drop me a DM with a photo. It makes my heart happy to see plants finding their forever homes. 


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