Reiki Certification


It is said that Reiki Attunements are one of the miracles of Reiki. I will not type up a “description” because honestly, it cannot be explained…it is meant to be felt and experienced at a soul level. It certainly is one of the most magickal experiences I have ever encountered and has become an essential part of my sacred work. I am honored to share this experience with those open to receiving this gift.  I am a double Reiki Master, a master of Essential Reiki (also called modern reiki) & and traditional Usui Reiki.  I was attuned for all levels of Modern Reiki by Diane Stein, world renowned author of Essential Reiki.  To honor the miracles she passed onto me, I will be using her book Essential Reiki as the sacredness of Reiki is passed onto you. 

All levels provide Certification.  I teach these in sacred space for a minimum of 2 students & maximum of 4 students at a time.  Contact me at 770-896-2062 to schedule.

The following rates are for sessions within my sacred space.  Please purchase a copy of Essential Reiki by Diane Stein for our time together.

Reiki 1 {First Degree} 
Setting Sacred Space, Reiki History, Hand Positions (self healing & healing others), students will work in pairs to give and receive a full Reiki healing. $175 per person. Attunements & Certificate


Reiki 2 {Second Degree} 
Light Language Blessing, Learn the Reiki 2 Symbols, Learn how to do distance healings, The Power Exercises, Meet your Goddess/Guides, Dedication to the Light. $250 per person. Attunements & Certificate


Reiki 3/Reiki Master {Third Degree/Master}
Full healing practice with review of level 1 & 2, learn how to pass attunements, Certificates + Rites of Passage Ceremony. $555 per person. Attunements & Certificate


$888 Purchase all 3 levels (spaced out over 6 months)    savings of $92