Reiki Certification


It is said that Reiki Attunements are one of the miracles of Reiki. It cannot be explained because it is meant to be experienced. It certainly is one of the most magical, unexplainable experiences I have ever encountered and has become an essential part of my sacred work to share the experience with those open to receiving.  I am a Reiki Master in two styles of Reiki (modern & traditional Usui Reiki).  I was attuned for all levels of Modern Reiki by Diane Stein, world renowned author of Essential Reiki.  To honor the miracles she passed onto me, I will be using her book Essential Reiki for our time together. 

All levels provide Certification.  I teach these in sacred space for a minimum of 2 students & maximum of 4 students at a time.  Contact me at 770-896-2062 to schedule.

The following rates are for sessions within my sacred space.  Please purchase a copy of Essential Reiki by Diane Stein for our time together.

Reiki 1 {First Degree} 
Setting Sacred Space, Reiki History, Hand Positions (self healing & healing others), students will work in pairs to give and receive a full Reiki healing. $175 per person. Attunements & Certificate


Reiki 2 {Second Degree} 
Light Language Blessing, Learn the Reiki 2 Symbols, Learn how to do distance healings, The Power Exercises, Meet your Goddess/Guides, Dedication to the Light. $250 per person. Attunements & Certificate


Reiki 3/Reiki Master {Third Degree/Master}
Full healing practice with review of level 1 & 2, learn how to pass attunements, Certificates + Rites of Passage Ceremony. $555 per person. Attunements & Certificate


$888 Purchase all 3 levels (spaced out over 6 months)    savings of $92

$777 Purchase all 3 levels REIKI WEEKEND (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) savings of $203