Purging stuff feels so good!

Today, we cleared some clutter. The house feels more magnetic, light, and airy…I love it!
Letting go of what’s not needed easily raises frequency in a space. For me, it’s instant satisfaction.
Today we said goodby to a piano, fish tank, and popped unused toys on marketplace to get rid of the old and make room for our updated desires. I’m purging closets now and passing clothes onto those who will appreciate gently worn items.

Cleansing and clearing space moves energy, creates good vibes, and heightens intuition to peak performance.
Energy flows effortlessly without the clutter. Mental fatigue fades, physical energy restores and the space feels homier. I notice I sleep better after a good purging too.


Try to tackle a small space today — maybe a drawer or a bookshelf.

With each item, release it from your space with love. You’ll create magical juju for yourself and the receiver, and who doesn’t want more of that?

If that’s too easy, move on to a closet. Tackle one thing at a time, otherwise you’ll create a big mess. Choose one drawer, one closet, or one shelf, not the entire house.