Jen Piceno offers a range of unconventional coaching programs. Schedule a complimentary consultation to determine what’s best for you.

Who these programs are for:

  • Those on a spiritual journey of discovery that are feeling stuck, confused, or craving something more.
  • Those committed to digging into core issues and patterns.
  • Those willing to do “the work” for personal freedom & soul growth.
  • Those who desire healthy relationships. 
  • Those willing to release limiting beliefs. 
  • Those willing to heal the past and repair the damage.
  • Those willing to level up without giving up.


90-Day Program:
90 Days of fierceness! Check your excuses at the door, roll up your sleeves and get ready! 

  • Let go of fatigue & anxiety 
  • Balance, connect, and feel at peace 
  • Uncover the meaning of your core triggers
  • Awaken and discover authentic beliefs
  • Gain personal freedom & claim your power with confidence
  • Unravel the stumbling blocks that have kept you “stuck”
  • Heal the past & conquer fears 
  • Tap into inner wisdom
  • Understand what aches and pains really mean
  • Weekly Support, straight forward feedback, and fierce compassion

BONUS: Learn powerful self healing for relaxation (energy balancing) BONUS: Reiki First Degree Attunement & Certification 
BONUS: Fire Ceremony
BONUS: Gift to support you on your path

90-Day Program
90-days filled with playful and creative ways to reinvent your wild side and live life to its fullest potential. 

  • Experience Shakti energy abundantly flowing through you
  • Body awareness & the art of seduction 
  • Art therapy and creative play
  • Adornment of self
  • Learn how to repair or release unhealthy relationships 
  • Pleasure and all things delicious – Feed the Goddess within
  • Raw, honest communication – claim your sexual power   
  • Discover your value
  • Weekly Support, straight forward feedback, and fierce compassion

BONUS: the 13 Rites Womb Healing
BONUS: Moon Ceremony
BONUS: Special Gift to inspire & awaken sensuality and confidence 

ILLUMINATED 90-Day Program
It’s time to shine.

  • Identify the sacredness within you 
  • Transcendence from the past
  • Align with divine purpose 
  • Be seen and heard 
  • Utilize your gifts and talents 
  • Make a difference and inspire others
  • Weekly Support, straight forward feedback, and fierce compassion

BONUS: Cacao Tasting
BONUS: Dedication to the Light Ceremony
BONUS: Special Gift to help you in your divine transformation

UNSTOPPABLE 18-Month Program:
Become a Change-Maker and live a life of fulfillment. The UNSTOPPABLE Program is for those serious about shaking things up and making a bold impact.  

Includes: Fierce, Uninhibited, and Illuminated
PLUS 1 year of private coaching with Jen Piceno to keep you on track as you embody your greatest potential.

BONUS:  Initiation: Awaken Your Most Magickal Self (Online Course) 
BONUS:  Complimentary Private Healing Session to gift a friend 
BONUS:  Reiki Masters Certification  
BONUS:  Special Gift to motivate and ignite your intentions and purpose

Who these programs are NOT for:

  • Those who are “fine” and are comfortable with not expanding outside the box of confinement. 
  • Those who are not willing to make a commitment to their own awakening and overall happiness.
  • Those who would rather place blame on others than heal from the past.
  • Those who are not comfortable with raw, straight forward communication.
  • Those not willing to invest in attaining peace and fulfillment.