Programs & Experiences

Get ready to:

  • Bust through blocks like you never thought possible 

  • Transform emotional chaos, mental fatigue, and physical exhaustion into personal power

  • Experience a magical connection that blasts through self-doubt and enhances all areas of life

  • Get growth strategies for yourself and your business other coaches cannot provide 

  • Learn how to trust your gut and lean into intuition

  • Quickly get to the heart of your deepest desires and with a clear path forward

  • Simplify life 


ALIGN takes you on a journey within to clarify your purpose.

Set life-changing intentions, learn the art of manifestation, align mind/body/spirt, and embody the vibrant feeling of liberation.

This is deep work – simplified for busy women whose craving more to life.

Learn keys to wealth consciousness and live in a state of abundance  with soul expanding integration practices. 


INITIATION GROUP PROGRAM – Learn self-realization practices that support your healing journey. 

Build a sacred relationship with the four elements and cultivate a deeper spiritual connection within yourself. 

Awaken your most magical self and unlock your full potential.


WEALTH CODES – Group Vortex

“You deserve to cross the threshold to align with abundance in every area of life. It’s a rich and soulful journey that breaks limitations and sets us on a path to personal and financial freedom.” – Jen Piceno, Sacred Medicine                                                                                      
WEALTH CODES {August} will be extra fiery with the essence of lion energy. Begins on 8/8 with the Lion’s Gate. WEALTH CODES is one lunar cycle {29 days}.                                                                                           
🦁 energies are supercharged
🦁 creation capabilities magnified
🦁 manifestation powers turned way up                                                                    

This offering hosted in a private Facebook group – All videos recorded.

MYSTIC –  Magical self-help for women who KNOW there’s much more to life than what they’re experiencing now.

We’ll delve into magic and mystery for self-healing, personal development, and soul growth. 

MEMBERSHIP includes group readings, energetic clearings, moon ceremonies, incantations, healing family lineage, and so much more.

The Healers Journey is for high-vibe women who are ready to teach, lead, and heal others in aligment with their sacred purpose.



One of our greatest powers it to support one another.

Mystic Circle is Jen’s safe virtual sacred space for sacred sisterhood, inspiration, and soul growth.  

Jen is the President of Success Champions Networking – Atlanta Chapter it’s for badass leaders ready to get things done. If you’re growing your business and interested in networking in a way that actually works, come as my guest. Reach out for virtual coffee to learn more.