Programs & Experiences

Group and Private Programs invite you to:

  • Bust through blocks like you never thought possible 

  • Transform emotional chaos, mental fatigue, and physical exhaustion into personal power

  • Experience a magical connection that blasts through self-doubt and enhances all areas of life

  • Get sacred strategies for yourself and your business that other coaches cannot provide 

  • Learn how to trust your gut and lean into intuition 

  • Get to the heart of your deepest desires and claim what you deserve 

  • Say goodbye to mundane boredom and live life with more magic, mystery, and pleasure.


EXPAND is a 90-day private 1:1 program that takes you on a journey with soul-aligned purpose into  for business and personal growth.

Set life-changing intentions, learn the art of manifestation, align authentically, and embody practices that create an orgasmic, vibrant, liberated life that is oh so delicious.

This is deep work – simplified for busy women whose craving more to life. 

Jen Piceno guides women into euphoric states of abundance with soul expanding integration practices. 

INITIATION is a 30-day private 1:1 program that dives into  the art of ceremony. This sacred experience is enchanted with private ceremony and practices that ignite intuition, awareness, and soul-aligned direction. 

Energetic balancing, activations, and initiations share an experience like no other. You’re invited to awaken vibrant  life force energy while you discover a deeper spiritual connection for personal and professional growth.  Note: there is a group virtual learn at your own pace program for INITIATION as well.

In fact, the she-wolf is an important archetype for many women to embrace. She reminds you to protect those you love, to stand your ground, and to ferociously protect your boundaries, whether they be physical, financial, emotional, sexual, or spiritual. The she-wolf is the antithesis of being too easy, permissive, and passive.”

3-week wildly sacred experience is on pre-sale for only $55. The price goes up to $111 then to $222 as Regular Registration in December. This course is pre-recorded with Facebook live, + live interaction and access to Jen for Q&A.

Offered in-person and virtually

Delicious planetary influences of the Sun, Jupiter and Venus to IGNITE clarity, passion and power. Using the axiom of “as above, so below,” the planets awaken us to our highest potential. The Sun ignites our clarity, focus, life force, will and power. Jupiter ignites generosity, expansion, wealth, optimism and opportunity. Venus ignites pleasure, love, abundance, beauty and relationships. Their magic is BIG and working with them together, opens up an interior | exterior world full of abundant possibilities.

 WEALTH CODES – Group Experience

“You deserve to cross the threshold to align with abundance in every area of life. It’s a rich and soulful journey that breaks limitations and sets us on a path to personal and financial freedom.” – Jen Piceno, Sacred Medicine                                           
WEALTH CODES {January 2022} is one lunar cycle {29 days}. All videos recorded with live interaction and access to me for Q&A.  



The power of shamanic journeying is meditative, expansive, and unique to everyone. Music customized with a variety of drums from around the world and big cat medicine throughout to guide the sacred experience.

I encourage you to relax and go through this practice without expectations. You’ll experience exactly what is meant for you. You can’t mess up!

You may see, hear, and feel each expression on the journey, or you may fall asleep and drift into dreamtime. For some, going through the practice several times is needed to trust the process. Then, they can receive the experience of NOR (non-ordinary reality) and the meditative state that gifts wisdom through the journey experience. Coming soon! 

Get INITIATION – Virtual “DIY” Self Paced Experience
This virtual experience is a cocreation birthed through Jen Piceno and Cindy Olah and part of 4 Alchemy Mystery School. 

This course has evolved and new offerings are releasing in 2022 so we are celebrating with a 50% off sale. Get instant access now for only $249.

Build relationships with the elements (earth, water, air, fire) and cultivate deep healing within yourself. Get ready to unlock your power and create a more joyful life. 

INITIATION includes a robust curriculum with potent energy clearings and spiritual practices. Get it now. 

Enchanted Wealth

Mystical, magical, and filled with sacred strategies to up- level business and pleasure.

We’ll delve into magic and mystery. Set sacred space for  banishing blocks and soar with self-healing.

An eclectic experience filled with practices for personal growth, psychic development, wealth consciousness, money mindset, and creating an ecstatic life. 

Details Soon


Mystic Circle is Jen’s Piceno’s online sacred space for women. We are business owners, moms, leaders, and executives who are soul-aligned, purpose-driven, and beyond badass! Join us. 💋