Live Digital Experiences

Private Programs

Private Programs are an invitation into a mystical spiritual adventures that supports the heroine’s journey. These programs activate restored vitality, clarity, enhance spiritual gifts, awaken everyday magick, and reveal divine purpose.

I’ll guide you as you move through life challenges and sticky spots. These programs are NOT for everyone. They require time, energy, and a financial investment.  I do not offer single sessions because to true whole-body healing and transformative results are not likely to happen in a single session – you’ve gotta commit to yourself, move through the process, and do “the work” to claim a successful outcome.   

Harnessing personal power and working with spiritual development opens the lens to “clear seeing” and introduces spiritual practices and tools so you can move through life’s experiences and challenges with deeply connected inner wisdom.

Private Programs support activating and integrating whole-body healing and transformative experiences in safe sacred space where you work at your own pace while bringing more fun, joy, and vibrancy into life.

All private programs are personalized experiences designed to meet you where you are at and take you where you want to go. Private work helps women:

  • You have reached a plateau and want to break through to the next level but need some help getting there
  • You feel stuck or pushing up against some kind of resistance and want to break free
  • You want to find more energy, joy, and magickal moments in your day to day life
  • You feel distracted or limited by other parts of your life that it stops you from moving forward
  • You unintentionally absorb other people’s feeling and negative energy which feels exhausting, overwhelming, or simply unsettling at times.
  • You need help with harnessing your feminine power, developing and understanding your spiritual gifts 
  • You’ve done some personal work and tried your best but you’re still stuck in a energy draining, mundane life that feels anything but magickal

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ACTIVATE 30 Day Program – this is a starting point for women just getting started with me.

Over the course of one month (30 days) this program includes:
* 4 private sessions – one per week 
* 1 energetic activation with personal downloaded transmission

Tools to Support your Activation
+ Foundational practices to anchor energies for whole-body healing
+ Energetic clearing to release stored emotions, audio file by Jen Piceno

+ Circle Up! Weekly Group Zoom Sessions – Tuesdays at noon EST so you can get more support,  stay inspired, and connect in between private sessions

Fall registration – $555

ALIGN – 90 Day Spiritual Intensive – Clarify your purpose with deep understanding and “clear seeing” so you can take intentional action towards the life you desire. Rebalance and align life force energy, and embody personal freedom. – application required to work with Jen at this level

Over the course of 90 days this program includes:
* bi-weekly private sessions to guide you on your path
* an
energetic activation with personal downloaded transmission 
* guided meditation &
dedication ceremony
* shamanic journey to meet your spirit guides
* energetic clearing to release ancestral patterns

Tools to Support your Alignment:
+ Foundational practices to anchor the energies for whole-body healing
+ Surrendering Fears and Self Doubt Ritual to support the deconstruction of what’s holding you back
+ Practical everyday ceremony so you can intentionally shift from mundane to magickal with easy tips and tricks 
+ Copy of Gulf Coast Meditations ABUNDANCE CD – Jen is a featured contributing artist   
+ Copy of SOUNDS CD by Nature Spirit Drums so you can drop into sacred space and receive sound therapy at home

+ BONUS Circle Up! Weekly Group Zoom Sessions – Tuesdays at noon EST so you can get the support,  stay inspired, and connect 
+ BONUS Full Moon Ceremony – Group Digital Experience 
+ BONUS Copy of The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing, Volume 3 so you can widen your lens and get curious about the healing arts.


Who these programs are NOT for:

  • Those who are “fine” and are comfortable with NOT expanding outside the box of confinement. 
  • Those who are NOT willing to make a commitment to the life they desire 
  • Those who would rather place blame on others than heal from the past.
  • Those who are NOT comfortable with raw, straight forward , honest communication.
  • Those NOT willing to invest time, energy, and money in claiming inner peace and fulfillment.
  • Those looking for a quick-fix or magic wand or “spell” to solve everything without taking personal responsibility 


Group Classes & Courses

Due to the interesting times we are in, all Group offerings are designed for women to “circle up” virtually on Zoom for spiritual practices, healing processes, moon ceremonies & magick making.



Registration Required. Monthly Investment $111Meets bi-weekly on Fridays
7 – 8:30+ PM EST 

For experienced, spiritually mature students and magick-makers called to the sacred mysteries to explore deeper dimensions as a MYSTIC who practices the art of healing with integrity and respects the power of magick.

This program engages students to experience, practice, and study with pure intentions for expansion on all levels. We will study sacred mysteries, mythology, and folklore with intrigue and curiosity. You’ll be invited to explore the art of ceremony with self-expression & creativity while  integrating your psychic abilities. 

MYSTIC is an adventure into deepening spiritual connections and sisterhood with combined strengths and talents. Students will contribute to the biweekly teachings in circle to enhance the outcome of a personal and collective learning experience with imaginal, symbolic, mythic, critical, theoretical, cross cultural traditions, rituals, and the workings of archetypal connections and spirit work.  pre-approval required to join.

Monthly Investment $111

Zoom link provided at time of registration.