Magical self-help for women who KNOW

there’s more to life than what they’re experiencing now!


MYSTIC Magical Self-Help Monthly Membership program:


  • Intro to psychic development, shamanic practices, wealth consciousness, plus sacred sisterhood rituals that will change the way you live life.
  • Learn from Jen Piceno, master of the creative healing arts whose mission is to mentor leaders in soul growth and wealth consciousness.
  • Training, priestess-y wisdom, channeled divine guidance, and feedback every step of the journey.
  • Simple practices that enhance mental, emotional, and spiritual growth.

Stop doubting your ancient, inner wisdom and connection.

Join this membership program and a powerful community that supports magical and mystical practices.

Claim the life, relationships, and experiences you crave. The juicy, serendipitous, abundant ones are waiting for you, and I can’t wait to guide you into this world.



Your mystical monthly experience:

👑 Live(and recorded) Zoom Circle, Second Wednesday of every month, 6 – 7 pm EST 

👑 Recorded spiritual practice with Archetype/Goddess lessons and healing activations.

👑 A Full Moon Ceremony (live & recorded)  – the Wednesday before every Full Moon so you can prepare.

👑 Access to a private Facebook group for open discussions, growth, guidance with Jen Piceno. 

Get access now for just $99 / month