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Gypsy_Moon__Inc_logo_4_6As I strive to make a difference in this great big world of ours, I reach out to those of you who who are the rule breakers, the artists, the creators, the performers, the healers, the mischief makers, the game changers, and those who are up for the challenge to make this world a better place. Together we heal old wounds, together we stand strong, together we make a difference.

This is a fierce tribe of people of all nationalities and spiritual backgrounds who are interested in supporting each other. This is a place to enjoy being the glorious woman that you are becoming and the amazing woman that you already are.

If you are interested in joining forces with other women who inspire the uniqueness you have to offer. Then, join me in building the Gypsy Moon Wild Women Tribe. Lets awaken the wild hearted, untamed Goddess that lives within all of us.  Click here to JOIN THE TRIBE of Gypsy Moon Wild Women at this FaceBook private group. 

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Hello Wild Ones,

There is so much to offer you from my bright red medicine bag of fierceness. I have earned many scars and lots of wisdom on this pat…



Big Love,

Jen Piceno