My  Team

The I’m hand-crafting the life of my dreams, savoring life, and building an empire while I teach others to do the same.

KNOW THIS: Empires aren’t built alone.

My team positioned me to go bigger and bolder without frustration, exhaustion, or holding back. They’re critical to the growth and success of my business.

They keep me in my zone of genius, knock stuff out at rapid speed, and keep me blasting forward with top-notch support, innovative ideas, and a badass brilliance.

Thanks to my team, I’m more deeply anchored into my vision. Things run smoothly, sacredly, and strategically. Together, we’re focused on distinct forward motion.  The intentions are fierce and the purpose keeps getting bigger and bigger.



Gratitude The Team:


Amber, Creativity Creatrix 

Amber inspires creative flow through fun video clips, wild ideas, and cocreations blended with sacred sisterhood.

She’s an author, mystical mama, wife, new grandma, and adventurer. She’s always up to something – follows her soul desires, creative inspirations, divine wisdom, and stands in her power as a beacon of light.

Together we’re on a spiritual business building adventures and we keep makin’ magic together.

Kimberly, Courageous Count-es 

Kimberly has special magical powers for organizing the books and getting things on track for financial growth. 

She’s sorted through my mess and into set me up for accounting simplicity, understanding, and growth.

Somehow, she’s taught me how to behave in the process, crazy right?  Yep! She’s that good. 

Her intuitive insight and badass knowledge is exactly what I needed to get set up for empire status. 


Tara, VA Vixen

Tara is wildly good at what she does. 

This VA Vixen keeps me on my toes and moving forward with stellar support and no-nonsence “get it done” spirit.

She’s passionate about spending time with family, and friends, and enjoys chillin’ out with books and video games in her spare time.


S A GrantS.A., “Boss Uncaged”  Emperor of Automation & Branding Badass

SA inspires me to be more visible everywhere on the online space and is teaching me how to make it happen.

He is an incredible educator who breaks down tech so even I can understand it! Impressive, right?

SA is an author, podcast host, speaker, super dad, husband, and foodie. 

When he’s out and about you’ll find him and his family out on the lake, scouting good eats, and living life to the fullest. 

Congregation of Creatives
co-authors, facilitators, collaborators, and badass change-makers have gathered together with me to mastermind, build new programs, retreats, books, and sacred experiences. The creative flow is pure magic!


Laura, Empress of Book Publications

Laura is a 13-time Amazon best-selling author and badass at all things books.  

All of my books have been published by this Empress!

When she’s not writing or helping authors write brave words, you’ll find her bouncing to the beat at a rave, driving her convertible Mustang, sipping a mojito, or writing love poems.