My Spiritual Journey

12670819_10209401247771300_1472801037197462493_nMy own spiritual journey has been quite unique (as everyone’s truly is).  I have gone through ups and downs and worked through challenges until the point of surrender.  I fought way to hard before the sweet release of “letting go” of the idea that I am supposed to control everything, do everything, and be everyone’s everything.

Now, as I look back, I can clearly see why life felt so dreadfully hard at times. The truth is, we don’t control anything (we just think we do).  No matter what path we choose, we will eventually learn the lessons we came to this Earth to learn.  Free will allows us to choose which direction we go, but still, we are moving down our timeline and will eventually get to our destination with Divine purpose no matter how long it takes or how many detours we delight in along the way.

I was on a Spiritual Path long before I realized it (aren’t we all).  I can envision my spirit guides shaking their heads wondering why I just didn’t open my eyes to see them so they could help me.  By my own desire, I thought that everything I was doing was in effort to get pregnant.  Yes, pregnant.  I was diagnosed with “unexplained non pregnancy” by seven different doctors here in the US.  I was frustrated, emotionally and physically exhausted, and in all honestly pissed off that I was being treated like a lab rat. I’m the kind of girl that wants answers and no one seemed to have any.  The doctors treated me with zero compassion. I learned a lot over the years (all part of the divine plan).  I believe that time struggle, brokeness, frustration and sincere desperation was my the ultimate training for the path I walk today. It took ten years of “trying” to get pregnant. I was exposed to dozens and dozens of healers with unique modalities and diverse cultural beliefs. Little did I know that this “challenge” was a golden gift….the experience that would one day allow me to help women with thier most intimate struggles.

3261_4620003061243_759423897_nI wore a pendant that was lent to me by a Nun from a local convent here in Atlanta. The soft spoken Sister shared with me that the pendant was Mother Theresa’s and it had been passed from woman to woman until they conceived. I cherished that pendant and the history behind it. 

The pendant did not magically put a baby in my belly as I had hoped, still there were more disappointments and a lot of negative pregnancy tests before I got down on my knees in the beautiful churches of Guadalajara, Mexico to finally surrender everything with tears in my eyes and elderly Mexican women surrounding me.  I prayed a lot on that trip…and cried a lot too.  There was an initiation, an awakening that I found there. A connection in those churches that was something beyond magical. It was felt at a soul level. The church bells drew me near and the hand carved door invited me in. The hard, worn benches comforted me in my own silence, and somehow in the midst of my tears they dried my eyes so that I could see more clearly. There was an energetic connection that I had never quite experienced before.  I was connected to something much greater then my humaness could comprehend at the time. The top of my head tingled and I could feel the presence of both strenth and peace with me everywhere I went. Even when I cried, there was peace in doing so. 335786_2774002952394_2076494577_o

I studied Angels on that trip while I stayed in my little one bedroom apartment all alone with my thoughts, my prayers, and a few candles I purchased from the corner store.  I lit one for Archangel Michael, one for Guadalupe, and one for my Guardian Angels.  My Angels were with me, and they always had been I just was to busy trying to control every second of my life that I never noticed them before.  But during this particular chapter of my life, I invited them in and asked (begged really) for their help. It was an immediate response.  I felt their love and their presence.  I could not only feel the presence, but began to see Archangel Michael. He was with me all the time like a magnificent winged body guard.  Always over my right shoulder and I could always feel a immaculate presence of love, strength, and protection.  Together we walked all over Providencia.  I went in every church that I passed on those walks.  I’ll never forget the beautiful sound of the ringing church bells that reminded me to go inside and pray even if for only a moment. Somehow everything just felt right.  I felt completely at peace.  I knew I was taken care of no matter what happened next. I just knew everything was in Divine order.


On the way to the doctor, walking with Archangel Michael, a pure white pregnant cat came to greet me. She had bright blue eyes, no collar, a big round belly, and she was so lovable.  I bent down to pet her. It was in that moment I knew I was going to have a baby.  I found out that I was pregnant that day.  After 10 long years, I was pregnant, and I thank God & Goddess every day for my miracle baby.

My faith and my own miracle motivated me to open myself up even more to go within and discover all that was willing to be revealed.   Angels were with me and I continued to study to learn about them (and what was happenin

Diane Stein - Reiki training

g to me). In researching I found that I was what they call Clairvoyant (the ability to see with the 3rd Eye). Later, through more self-healing and advancing my education I also became open to the gift of Clairaudience (the ability to hear).  Loud and clear.  I admit, it was strange at first. As I got use to the chatter and ongoing unsolisited advice, it began to be comforting. There is nothing quite like having direct communication with Spirit.  It’s not something you can force. If you try to hard it goes away.  It requires pure trust, faith and an open heart, It’s not logical at all, I know. Logic kills the magic(k) and mystery of the most incredible experiences. Many of my old beliefs were released in order to grow.

Later I completed my Reiki training Diane Stein, author of Essential Reiki.  She attuned me in all levels and helped me get started with Energy Ballancing and working with Karmic Release.  It was during a session of Karmic Release that the third clair presented itself.  Hello Clairsentence (the ability to feel).  She helped me come to understand how to use this gift and understand what it means in my work while we worked deep on clearing Karma. Now, I was always a “feeler”, some of it I turned off because all of those feelings were not pleasant. Through this work, though, I learned how to work the gift. 

It was shortly after my Reiki training that my husband was told he had a growth on his vocal cords.  They put a scope through his nose and down his throat over and over again for several months to monitor the size of the growth until they decided they needed to do exploratory surgery.  Every time I walked him I would lay my hands on his throat with the intention of healing.  By the time they did the exploratory surgery there was nothing to to remove and no signs of anything cancerous. This was the beginning of one of many miracles. And proof that all things are possible. 

I’ve experienced the heartache and loss of miscarriages and the stress of marital struggles,  I’ve felt disappointed and betrayed, but I’ve also felt joy and happiness. I’ve felt the pride of success and I’ve felt the sting of defeat. I’ve had love fill my heart and I’ve also felt it slip away.  Each experience has taught me something new and lead me one step further down my timeline in this lifetime and on to the next interaction that would propel me forward.

15337641_10211668072400499_2937990660584738297_nI’ve been blessed to work with great healers like Grandfather Yellow Horse Man who is a Peace Elder that teaches “Medicine of the Heart.”  He taught me that nothing is more important than love and I completly agree.

Jen and cholo b&wI have learned how to move and remove energy blocks in animals from my dear friend Carol Kitchens when my dog Cholo was at the end of his life. She taught me about transition and how to let go. It is a gift of wisdom I will cherish forever.  Her compassion for me and my big boy will never be forgotten.  She taught me a new way to communicate and understand him.  In the last months of his life I shared with him all the love I could possible share. He was my friend and watching him float away to the Heavens above was a hard but beautiful goodbye. Animals are such amazing spiritual teachers, if only we would tune in and really listen to their teachings.


I received fantastic teachings, blessings, love & energy from a Nepalese Monk named Tenzin who is a Reiki Master and incredible healer.  In my session I saw visions of the Virgin Mary and Jesus as his hands were layed upon me.  He himself was once blind and healed by Reiki. He inspired me to be a better version of myself and to always work in faith that miracles are a part of every day life.

Mentors have graciously work with me.  There are so many that have crossed my path over the years to share their gifts, wisdom and friendship with me.  I am abundantly blessed.

In April 2016 I was lead to the Gathering of the Shamans hosted by don Miguel Ruiz, author of the Four Agreements. I had an experience like no other.  In the middle of the vortex I discovered so much about myself. It was truly an awakening as I started to become who I am.  I prayed, I laughed, I cried, I walked on fire, I was healed and I healed others.  I awoke ancestral gifts and stirred things up in a way that is to great for words.  I learned about spirit animals and vision walks.  I chatted over coffee with Spiritual Teachers. It was the beginning of my knowing, and in turn owning the fact that I am a healer with gifts to share.  My life purpose was revealed time and time again.

15016167_10211362634724748_7714310128574458243_oAt the Gathering of the Shamans I became friends with some amazing women. A musician named Stephanie Urbina Jones touched my heart with her music and we connected in friendship.  After that trip, she reached out to invite me to learn more about Shamanic Breathwork and the Toltec Teachings from her and her husband Jeremy.  Those studies still continue today.  The combination of the two are a perfect for shattering old belief systems and unnecessary limitations we put on ourselves.  It is a medicine like no other.  It’s a wisdom I’m happy to learn and share with others because of the dramatic healing I have witnessed within my own life and the lives of good friends.  I am committed to the Shamanic Journey and all the ansers it so boldly has brought forward for me on my path.




13015104_10209433287372270_4304665646649105830_nIt’s been many years and many experiences. I’ve gone from visiting elders who speak a language unfamiliar to mine to now where I am speaking in tongues, sounding Native American Chants, and working with my singing drum to heal those who visit me for their own need to heal, learn and grow.  I have had the ever trusting opportunity facilitate transition as spirits cross over. I have been given precious messages, signs and spiritual gifts that cannot be explained by anything other than Spirit.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to meet the right people, at the right time and always for the right reasons (and so have you).  I don’t always know why someone comes into my life, but I have learned that there is always a lesson and an opportunity to make a difference. I’ve learned that there are miracles waiting to happen and that we are all miracle workers; if we are brave enough to answer the call.

Gypsy Moon is me answering the call. I’m doing the work. I’m creating the life that I want by healing myself and teaching how to healing others.  I’m believing in a world that is filled with ancesteral wisdom and teaching people how to tap into service to their most magical selves. Afterall, it’s our birthright.