I love receiving money. It’s true!

There’s a breakthrough that happened when I released the fear of owning my bigness and creating wealth for myself and others to ignite change.

A huge part of that was surrendering my uncomfortableness with receiving money and gifts without working hard to earn them. I’m so glad that I retired from those old beliefs and from doing everything the hard way. Magic money is a thing and it’s a powerful belief system that creates abundance. 

I started 2022 by making my first deposit one of unexpected magic money that arrived from a heart-centered empress.

If you’re not used to the concept of “magic money”, you’re missing out, so let me fill you in.

Prosperity-conscious people understand the art of giving and receiving with deep awareness. There’s a frequency it creates and it’s ever-expansive for all involved. It feels like magic, love, and freedom all at the same time.

Those who honor the conscious act of spending, gifting, giving, and receiving know the power of soul-aligned intentions. We operate our businesses with this in mind and it enhances the bottom line while paying it forward.

There’s no place for fear of not having enough, worrying about the competition, or hanging on tight to what we’ve got. That doesn’t build empires it destroys them.

We move through life with a drive for expansion and that grows and ripples out into with lives of others through our sacred intentions, acts of kindness, and gratitude.
The art of receiving asks us to receive with our whole heart no matter how big or small the amount. The energy of receiving with love and gratitude is expansive. It invites us to dance with abundance, integrate at a higher frequency, and create soul-aligned movement, passion, and purpose in our lives and the lives of others.

So many people unconsciously block the magic of unexpected blessings. There’s a multitude of reasons and no judgment here. I’ve had to do lots of work around receiving financial blessings with ease and grace.

Try it. Go ahead, invite magic money into 2022. It’s part of your divine birthright.✨

It’s the type of money that finds its way to you effortlessly. It’s the blessings that arrive without hustle, grit, or grind. It’s money that shows up, magically.

It has purpose, creates miracles, and changes lives (including your own).

When we awaken to its power we cannot help but be someone that keeps that channel of abundance open while creating it for others too.

It’s an enchanted way to start the new year.

Thank you Honoree Corder for the magic money you sent my way and for inspiring this post. I’m so grateful to be one of your Empire Builders.

I’m looking forward to all the goodness 2022 has for us all.

If you’re ready to step up your prosperity consciousness so you can become a magnet for magic money, I’d be honored to guide you.  

I offer group and private coaching programs. If you’re interested, schedule Virtual Coffee with me first so I can point you in the right direction. Here’s my link: https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=20506840&appointmentType=21967394

If you feel called to a particular program, trust your intuition.  Here’s my programs page www.jenpiceno.com/programs. There are, however, custom programs and a “secret service menu” available as well. It’s not public, because I have created things will a great deal of intention and purpose, for particular needs and desires. 

Reach out with questions. 💋