We’re always stretching and growing. Some choose to go at it alone, which is a little more frustrating, and often takes longer but you’ll learn exactly what you need to learn one way or another.

We’re always being led. Unfortunately, some of us choose to ignore the divine wisdom being offered to us.

Personally, I learned the hard way – it’s better to listen, trust, and follow through. Negotiating seems to be a waste of time too….I’ve tried it!

October is the perfect season for activating action, beginning something with sacred rituals, and awakening intuition at a deeper level.

Cindy Olah and I offer INITIATION once a year in October. It’s almost that time! I’m so excited. This is a signature course we offer together live in Marrietta, GA.

I’ve got options ready to roll for out-of-towners too. My techy skills have improved greatly, and the art of ceremony holds all of its delicious magic.

We do not teach hybrid courses. In-person is 100% in-person, and online options are offered at a different time slot to ensure every student is being held in a sacred space.
Message me directly if you are interested in private 1:1 coaching or the INITIATION group virtual option.

Grab your spot for the INITIATION live course here: https://jenpiceno.com/initiation/