“There is clearly a sacred dimension to our existence, and coming to terms with it could well be the highest purpose of human life.” ~Sam Harris

May be an image of 1 person and drinkI embrace the unknown.

I dream into positive what ifs.

I take intentional action.


I melt into the beauty and joy of simplicity while moving forward.

Anchored into heart-centered knowing, I trust the abundance that’s ever-flowing and the divine wisdom ready to be revealed.

I’ve learned that happiness, flow, ease, and joy is a choice and so is making life hard, being grumpy, staying where you don’t belong, and working to point of exhaustion.

Once you try soul-aligned simplicity on for size, you’ll realize how much precious energy you’ve wasted doing things you didn’t wanna do in the first place.

It took me too long to learn that success could be achieved differently than what I had learned and experienced.

Success gets to be purposeful and in my opinion, it has to be.
It feels good, energizing, playful, expansive, has a sense of humor, it’s creative, and filled with joy, love, and gratitude.

It’s high vibe and makes a difference in the lives of others which creates a ripple effect out into the world.
In case you missed the memo, that’s success!

I’m committed to stretching myself into the great unknown to embrace the what-ifs that can change the world.

I can’t do it alone. You’re needed.

2022 gets to be an epic adventure of self-mastery, love, abundance, and freedom.

Are you ready?


What were your big, delicious wins and a-has this year? Make sure you celebrate them all!

What were your small but awesome wins this year? This calls for more celebration, of course.

What were the challenges you faced this year?

For every challenge, write down one (or more) lessons, awareness, or gifts these challenges revealed to you.

What do you need to surrender, leave behind, or kick out of your life from this
past year so you can be more soul-aligned in 2022?

Who was the most inspirational, loving, or encouraging people in your life this past year?

How did they support, guide, teach or help you to grow? Send them a thank you note and let them know.

Regarding holistic WEALTH (money, relationships, freedom, spirituality, and vitality),
what practices were most beneficial AND enjoyable for you this year?

What are your holistic WEALTH desires for this coming year?

What practices will you start (or continue) in the coming year to grow holistic wealth so you
can become more personally and financially liberated?

What are your intentions or mantras for 2022?

What is one small thing you are manifesting for 2022? Write the details in your journal.
Every little detail counts. See, feel, hear, know, and experience it as you write about it.

What is one big thing you are manifesting for this coming year?
Make it something realistic to manifest within 6-12 months.
Write all the juicy details of this in your journal and feel all the feels as if you already have it.

What are 4 ways you’ll step out of your comfort zone? Ya gotta leave your old life to get what’s waiting for you.
Expansion is all about consistent self-awareness and improvement.

Brainstorm 11-22 words that hold the energy that you’re calling into 2022.
Reflect on those words and then choose one that reflects the overall intention, feeling, and experience
you’d like to set for this coming year. This is your power “word of the year.”

I’d love to know your power word. Share it with me in Mystic Circle, my complimentary Facebook group so I can celebrate you. 💋