Circle up for a soulful experience
IGNITE (Light Your Soul Flame)- Offered both in person and virtually 

  • We will be working with the planetary influences of the Sun, Jupiter and Venus to IGNITE clarity, passion and power. Using the axiom of “as above, so below,” the planets awaken us to our higher potential. The Sun ignites our clarity, focus, life force, will and power. Jupiter ignites generosity, expansion, wealth, optimism and opportunity. Venus ignites pleasure, love, abundance, beauty and relationships. Their magic is BIG and working with them together, will open up an interior | exterior world full of fruitful possibilities.

    Some of the things we explore in this course:

    • The planetary influences of the Sun, Jupiter, Venus and how to use them to up level your life.
    • Getting clear and connecting with your higher purpose.
    • Unifying your will so you can manifest what you want.
    • Connecting with pleasure to ignite abundance.
    • Intuition, psychic development & magic at it’s finest.
    • Delving deep into self to get unstuck from the past.
    • Unlocking your inner master to align with your highest success.
    • Powerful energetic clearings with Cindy & Jen.

    The whole series is 3 months long with 6 meeting times every other Saturday from 12-2 pm (in person). For the weeks in between, you will be given coursework and time to process.

    In person meeting schedule at Sacred Garden Yoga in Marietta, GA on Saturday’s 12-2 pm:

    Jan 22nd | Feb 5th | Feb 19th | Mar 5th | Mar 19th | Apr 2nd

    VIRTUAL meeting schedule via ZOOM (Wednesday’s 12:30-2 pm)

    Jan 26th | Feb 9th | Feb 23rd | Mar 9th | Mar 23rd | Apr 6th

    COST: $747 early bird – register before Jan 1st
    Payment plans available by request

3-Month Group Experience: Course Overview

Interactive Learning Experience:

  • Meet every 2 weeks with time to integrate practices in-between our live (or Zoom) meetings
  • Access to 2 master instructors for extra attention and deep support
  • Detailed instructions for ceremonies that you can use whenever you like
  • Access to a private FB group to support you on your journey. We’re active in the group to answer questions and support your experience.


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