Stepping into this level of service required me to deep dive, relearn, unravel, and step up for myself. I cleared ancestral baggage, released fears, and gave up excuses. I leaned in, listened, and trusted the guidance offered.

Becoming a Shamanic Priestess up-leveled everything while lovingly destroying what was out of alignment.

I live by the laws of the Universe, divine inspiration, and sacred intentions.

I trust what flows through me and teach others to do the same.

I’m anchored in integrity and will not betray myself or the teaching I carry for a sale. This work is sacred to me, so it’s available to those guided, not sold.

I have an army of ancestors supporting my mission and fanning the flames of my personal power, and so do you.
There’s a divine blueprint and inheritance that becomes clearer when you walk with me down the Priestess path of self-mastery.

SACRED, The Ceremonial Mastermind, is the first gate if you dare to enter.

Life won’t ever be the same. 💋

Not ready to experience me and change your life? I get it, it’s a big move and it’s not to be taken lighly. You’ve got to trust when you’re being led. That can be tricky if you’re in your head more than staying in divine alignment. Trusting intuition is essential in all that I am and do. Soon as stop listening to your intuition, doubt takesover and ruins everything.

Light a cangle, place your hands on heart, and feel into what’s right for you. I may not be the person for you, but if I am, magic will happen.

Reach out on DM, or shoot me a text at 770-896-2062 if you want to explore your best next steps.