About Jen Piceno

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Here is my business-y type bio and some amusing facts.

Jen Piceno, LMT, RMT, Shamanic Practitioner is also an Author, Healer, Priestess, and Double Reiki Master. She is a Channel with over 30 years’ experience, sharing her spiritual gifts and accumulated wisdom to heal Women in deeply profound ways.

As a Licensed Massage Therapist, Jen uses the knowledge of anatomy, energy, and movement that she gained through work in the world of championship dancers and athletes, where she is known as “the healer.” She has worked with Peace Elders, Monks, Nuns, Healers, and Shamans of all backgrounds in her studies and life experiences. Jen holds a multitude of certifications in the healing arts and integrates Eastern and Western modalities with Shamanic practices, blending it all with big sparks of magic(k), ritual, dance, art, alchemy, creativity, and intuitive guidance.

Jen emerged as an Ordained Shamanic Priestess in the lineage of StarrFire OrbWeaver, Anyaa McAndrew, and the creatrix, Nicole Christine. Walking the Priestess path, she celebrates life in everyday ceremony. She practices as a ceremonialist and Cacao Practitioner. As a culinary enthusiast, she weaves food, culture, and diversity into her work for unique sacred experiences that awaken all the senses.

Jen is a Womb Keeper initiated in a lineage of Women through jungle medicine. She carries the 13th rite of the Munay-Ki: The Rite of the Womb. She performs Mayan abdominal massage, womb blessings, crystal therapy, shamanic bodywork, dance therapy, and soul healings to activate whole-body healing.

Jen was a featured Author in a book called The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing, Volume 3. Her chapter is on Womb Healing: Reclaiming Your Feminine Power & Fertility Naturally and will be featured in Volume 4 as well.  Claim Abundance – Listen Now . The individual ABUNDANCE track and album is available for purchase on all digital platforms worldwide. 

Jen offers a variety of workshops, online courses, and ceremonies. Private sessions and coaching by appointment.

Follow Jen on social media and check out what she’s up to, visit https://linktr.ee/JenPiceno for easy access to all of her social media links.

Amusing facts about Jen:

I’m a Pisces sun with a Cancer moon.

I’m a celebrity massage therapist and have learned some incredible things with fascinating people in the limelight.

I’m a Shamanic Priestess rooted in the sacred mysteries and anchored in earth based ancestral wisdom ordained by a High Priestess Cherokee card holder.

Some days I am completely overwhelmed with all that I’ve taken on and other days I’m a badass wonder woman agreeing to the next big project.

I’ve competed in an Ultimate Bodies Fitness competition and discovered life without bread is not for me.

As a kid I was a unruly tom boy, stomping through creeks and playing kick ball with the boys. 

I’ve been up on big stages and performed for Latin Music Legends sporting very tiny costumes, crazy makeup, a big sassy attitude, and a cheesy smile. 

I really love: cultural diversity, good food, traveling to unseen lands, all things creative, my fur babies, full moons, the sound of an acoustic guitar, fire pits, and being a mom.

I successfully conceived at 39 years old after 10+ years of infertility. 

Believer that “food is our best medicine” and that everything is energy.

I’ve always had a way with animals. One of my favorite childhood pastimes was earning the trust of feral cats.  

I’ve backpacked through Italy and lived in Mexico – I didn’t want to come home from either place. 

I’m a thrill-seeker and love an edgy sense of danger. I’ve scaled big rocks, scuba dived the reefs, jumped out of planes, and had fun in the ring as an amateur boxer.

A chronological list of credentials is pretty boring, but nonetheless it’s here:→ Click Here for Jen Piceno’s Credentials