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Align with everything you were

meant to be in ways you’ve never experienced before. 

You’ll be able to transform your challenging and traumatic life experiences into aligned purpose and step into what you came to this earth to conquer. Jen will teach you how to give self-doubt the middle finger so you can claim your power and walk your path fiercely into your heart’s deepest desires.

She’s an intuitive life management practitioner, energy medicine specialist, and badass coach with 30+ years of expertise in the healing arts. Through personalized ceremony, generational healing, and light language, she’ll help you bust through restrictions so you can solidify your purpose and begin the transformation you’ve been craving in all areas of life.

Get ready to align with everything you were meant to be in ways you’ve never experienced before.

We know there are a lot of self-proclaimed priestesses out there, but Jen is the real deal! She is an Ordained Shamanic Priestess in the powerful lineage of StarrFire OrbWeaver, Anyaa McAndrew, and the creatrix, Nicole Christine. She emerged as Priestess and was ordained on StarWolf’s land in Isis Cove surrounded by High Priestesses in sacred ceremony. She is walking the priestess path with honor at the level of integrity and purpose of a High Priestess. She celebrates life in everyday ceremony and is committed to making a radical difference in the lives of others.

She leads women through challenges

As a master ceremonialist, her programs offer one-of-a-kind, personalized sacred experiences that shatter old beliefs and power up unlimited abundance in all areas of life.

She empowers, aligns, and attunes women with their highest potential – women are seen, heard, and appreciated like never before. Check out the social proof on her Facebook Review – She’s changing lives!

Are you ready for this?

When you say “yes” to the experience, she’ll take you on a magical adventure – it’s the best part!

Working in sacredness and manifesting desires unified with our highest potential makes a huge difference in how we show up in life and how people see and value our worth.

Jen believes that everyone has the potential to make an impact in the lives of others. She believes that everyone is a change-maker making magic. Unfortunately, most people are unintentionally creating exactly what they don’t want. No worries, she’ll take care of that!

Jen guides you through practices that easily integrate with contemporary lives to support your heart’s deepest desires so you can walk your path fiercely with confidence to get what you really want.

She is a gifted ceremonialist, cacao practitioner, and culinary enthusiast.  If you like to eat, you’ll love getting to know Jen! She weaves food, culture, and diversity into her work to create sacred experiences that awaken all the senses and share teachings of intentional living in delicious ways.

Jen is a Reiki Master directly attuned in all levels by the world-renowned Reiki Master Diane Stein, author of Essential Reiki. Those who receive Reiki training from Jen receive this powerful lineage. Jen is also trained in Energy Balancing and karmic release with Diane Stein.

Jen’s fertility battle taught her all about the sacred power found in womb work and ceremonial healings. She lived in Mexico for two months and traveled there yearly for over a decade. She was ignited and brought into this work by several different elders along the way.

She worked with expert Curanderas, Sobadoras, and Shamans. She was initiated all over Mexico in private homes and sacred sites. She took these studies further in studying Mayan Abdominal Massage, Toltec wisdom, and Shamanism with spiritual leaders and elders here in the US.

Jen is a Womb Keeper initiated in a lineage of women through jungle medicine. She carries the 13th rite of the Munay-Ki: The Rite of the Womb, along with the original 9 rites that are held in sacredness to pass to those seeking to connect to divine luminous beings through this lineage.

Jen is sharing these sacred gifts with a new generation of women rooted in integrity to make the world a better place.


International Best Seller! Jen’s chapter in The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing, Volume 3 “Womb Healing: Reclaiming Your Feminine Power & Fertility Naturally” .

She is also featured in The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing, Volume 4 with “Balancing Codependency: Finding Self-Acceptance and Personal Power”

Jen contributed ANCESTRAL POWER, Claim Your Wisdom and Magic to “The Ancestors Within“.

She is the best-selling lead author of SACRED MEDICINE: Mystical Practices for Ecstatic Living.

Jen is a featured artist on the ABUNDANCE album by Gulf Coast Mediations with her meditation “Abundance for Unlimited Possibilities”



Jen is building an empire where women can finally exit survival mode and step into ecstatic living. They are invited into liberation with a rush of adrenaline. Saying “yes” to yourself does that!

It allows women to thrive. It feels so damn good! Thrive mode comes in full throttle when women wake up and remember who they are. They finally give self-doubt the middle finger so they can live the life their heart desires. What a rush that is! They feel more alive, energetic, and confident – they glow with magnificence and start getting the attention they deserve.

Enter this kingdom with Jen as your guide. She’ll take you on a journey to be exactly who you are called to be. That is much different than who you were conditioned or told to be. Round up the courage to step through the door and she will lift you up and teach you how to be an unstoppable force of nature.

She’s a mysterious magical being, and this place is completely enchanted. You’re protected. It’s safe to be honest, outspoken, playful, and free-spirited. It’s encouraged here!  Isn’t it time to be with someone that’s got your back? She’ll ignite your power and invite it to stay awhile so you can discover the essence of who you really are.


As a truth-seeker and lifetime student of the healing arts, Jen is the CEO of Gypsy Moon Inc. She is a master of the creative healing arts and teaches life management, energy medicine, self-mastery, personal and psychic development.

Her programs and retreats encourage women to develop intuitive abilities and learn new techniques to expand so they can heal the past, align with purpose, and step into their divine powers with confidence. 

I have had the honor of being a part of what Jen is doing for the last several months. Jen has a way of getting to the truth of a matter in minutes. She has an innate ability to see what’s going on and be available for the solution. She doesn’t play small and doesn’t allow you to either. I have grown more in the last few months of doing work with her than I have in almost a decade of personal growth work. I cannot recommend her enough.

Erin Jones

Working with Jen was invaluable to my physical and emotional healing – whether you are going through a change or need to make one, she truly cares about your optimal outcome and is invested in getting you to your best possible place!

Brenna Strickland

My insides are still swirling around. I was gifted a channeled “Soul Language” reading by Jen Piceno today, and…. wow. The messages that came through were exactly what I needed to hear right now, along with holding a delightful specificity! It brought me to tears! I know I haven’t even grasped the full significance of the messages yet but it feels like swirling Magick in my body. I’m incredibly grateful to Jen, (& her savvy guides), for offering this meaningful gift to me. This experience was rad.

Jill Kinsey


She’s done a ton of training over the decades, and you’ll benefit from it all when you work with her → Click Here for Full Credentials  


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