May be an image of indoorWe’re kicking back and keeping things easy this year.

I’m not so fond of shopping the big department stores.

Instead, I love gifting things like unique experiences, quality time, things that make an impact in the lives of others, cool e-gift cards, foodie finds, and personalized gifts that are handmade by really cool people.

If you need a little help, reach out. I know tons of amazing healers, dancer instructors, authors, coaches, small business owners, and masters of their craft. Plus, my dad is Santa, so there’s that!

I’m happy to make introductions. It makes me happy to support other small businesses. I’ve learned some pretty cool things about people from having casual virtual coffees and it always feels good to connect people.

If you’re looking for something unique, reach out for a chat and I’ll do my best to point you in the best direction. 

I’m dropping my e-gift card below too. Custom experiences are one of my favorite things to offer. I’ve always been one to be a little”extra”. It’s kind of a superpower of mine and I have fun with it.

Give me a reason to get extra creative and we’ll come up with something fabulous that can’t be found anywhere else but here. I promise you that!

I also offer group and private coaching, shamanic healing, reiki attunements, spiritual and professional development, custom meditations, writing support, plus courses that fit a variety of needs.

Reach out with any questions, I’ll make sure you find what you’re looking for. 

Click here’s for my e-gift card available for any denomination