Fierce Intentions

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You are already working with intentions without even realizing it. But I wanted to share what works for me.  Intentions are the same thing as possibilities. The things we want, need, and desire & that can and should all be folded into our intentions of Universal  “possibilities”. 

Before you read on, you must understand as a magic maker, I personally believe that ANYTHING is possible. It is my strong belief that there is no place for any negativity in intention setting, so do yourself a favor and check your excuses at the door.  Trust yourself and absolutely refuse to be influenced your own self-doubt or by other people’s doubts or criticisms regarding your life. This is super important for any successful outcomes to manifest anything into being, so take it seriously.

Now that we’ve got that straight. Here’s how to set your next intention if you so choose.

Center yourself and take a moment to clear your mind. Now allow your awareness to discover all of the wonderful possibilities for what it is you want to bring forward into your life. This is a good time to let your imagination go wild.

Details Consider the details in detail.  Visualize the color, size, smell, location, texture, how it makes you feel, and how it infuses with your life.  See where I’m going here….get your emotions and senses involved in the process of setting your intention.  Be as detailed as possible and feel into it.  If you send out a vague intention, the Universe is going to send something equally as vague right back. It’s Universal law.

Let it go Yes, you read right….let it go (sometimes this is one is tricky in our place of humanness). Send your intention out in the cosmos and let go of the outcome. How?  Simply stop thinking about it.  I mean really just STOP. You must completely let go of any attachments to the outcome. Worrying or being attached to the outcome is one hundred percent fear based.  And seriously, who the hell wants to live life in a place of fear, so let that shit go! Detachment is a way of trusting that the power of your true self and the Universe totally has this.  This way you invite and open up to the opportunities by allowing the higher power do exactly what it designed to do without you constantly interrupting the process with your “what ifs” and other limiting thought patterns.  When you let go, you also let things come your way. 

Trust the magic Let the Universe handle the details from here.  Once you trust in the process (by completely letting go of the outcome) your fierce intentions set the infinite organizing power of the Universe in motion. Now trust that power to completely fulfill your desires without any restrictions or interruptions on your part. Despite what you want to believe….you are not in charge here. The outcome cannot be forced or tricked into being, so relax LET GO and let the Universe do what it does best….she creates, births, and provides.  Trust that! 

Walk Path Fiercely.

Jen Piceno “KatFyre”