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THE BIG O (Essential Oils for Libido & Intimacy)
Open girl talk for using Essential Oils between the sheets. Explore how to support a vibrant sex drive for him/her with essential oils. Get honest answers on how to conquer any frustrations that are leaving you less than satisfied.

  • Explore Sexual Desire 
  • Hormones in the hot seat
  • Get Juicy & stay juicy
  • Sexual pleasure & Essential Oils for bedroom fun
  • Enhance sex drive & WANT IT again (tips for him/her)
  • Yeah Baby!!! The BIG-O
  • Feisty love potions & edible blends (recipes for all attendees) 
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Sat., April 20th 10-11:30am (Duluth)
April 29th, 11:11am (Lawrenceville)
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WOMEN: Creative Exploration, Empowerment, & Holistic Wellness

Lots of upcoming meetups classes and events…join the meetup group

  • Cacao Ceremony
  • Women Empowering Women
  • The Big O — Essential Oils for Intimacy & Libido
  • Unlearning — the way to Empowerment
  • Expand: Dream, Inspire, Courage, Harmony
  • Creative Self Care 
  • Rock Your Chakras – Intro to the Chakra System
  • Art Therapy 
  • Fast, Fun & Easy Plant Medicine
  • and more
Mixers! Specialty Cocktails enhanced with Pure {Food Grade} Essential Oils
Cheers!  Artistic Specialty Cocktails & Light Snacks provided

  • Let’s make a toast to having some fun
  • Learn how to enhance food & drink with Essential Oils
  • Recipes for all attendees 

Cost: varies per location

Interested. Get on the waiting list. Text Jen at 770-896-2062
New Classes on making your own specialty bath products with Pure, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. Sassy, interactive, hands on classes.  Create and explore with some creative play & take home what you’ve made. Cheers to that!  Here are some of the classes I’m in the process of scheduling.  (Details Soon).

  • Massage bars, bath bombs, massage oils & love potions

Fee: varies per class / location

Interested? Get on the waiting list. Text Jen at 770-896-2062

If you are interested in setting up a private event, please contact me at 770-896-2062 to secure your time slot.