What if all areas of life aligned in your favor?


EXPAND: 90 Days of Soul-Aligned Expansion


  • Expansion in all areas of life with integration practices 
  • Learn from Jen Piceno, Prosperity Priestess and Master of the creative healing arts whose mission is to mentor leaders in soul growth and wealth consciousness.
  • Priestess-y wisdom, channeled divine guidance, and feedback every step of the journey
  • Simple practices that enhance mental, emotional, spiritual growth, and financial abundance. 
  • Personalized EVERYTHING – Our time together is for where you are exactly in this moment.  

Stop holding back your desires. Tap into inner wisdom, deep knowing, and intuitive guidance

Women hire me to ignite personal power, banish old beliefs, heal the past, attune to divine clarity, develop spiritual/psychic gifts, and to level up professionally.

Claim the life, relationships, and experiences you crave. The juicy, serendipitous, abundant ones are waiting for you, and I can’t wait to guide.



Your “medicine bag” enhances the experience:

👑 Live(and recorded) Energetic Clearings and activations 

👑 Recorded mediations 

👑 Enrollment to your choice of WEALTH CODES, CASH CATALYST, or SHE-WOLF (pre-recorded) 

👑 Access to Jen Piceno between sessions via Voxer or Messenger. 

👑 Book bundle to support your journey. 

👑 An intuitively selected gift from Jen Piceno