Priestess Program

I am super excited about the development of our Priestess Program.  It will be rolling it out Fall 2020 (Sept/Oct) for those called to fully integrate and emerge as a Priestess.

We will be calling out your inner healer and you will be training with hands on opportunities to work on clients. This will be a 6 month program, meeting monthly and working with specific Goddess archetypes.

This program will also include a one-on-one private session (with Cindy Olah or myself).

PREREQUISITES: Completion of INITIATION & CALIBRATION are required to enroll in the Priestess program.

The introductory model that was previously offered for the “Awaken Your Most Magical Self Series” is coming to an end and developing into a year long program.

What this means for those of you currently enrolled in INITIATION is that you are the last students to embark on the opportunity to take Calibration within this introductory model. This last enrollment opportunity (tentatively starting March/April) is the last time we are offering Calibration as a single course. The opportunity for our online evergreen courses for Initiation and Calibration online courses will not be available as single purchase either.  If you want to snag them for the introductory model as a single course…..this is your last chance.  We will be eliminating that option within my March 1st.

Our teachings are being merged into a year long priestess program so you can delve into life changing transformations, specialized training, and support every step of the way.

$500 non-refundable deposit will secure your spot within the Priestess Program. 

More details soon.


4 Hands Alchemy Healing Sessions (by appointment only)
Sacred Garden Yoga (Marietta, GA)
$444 Per Session

These sessions are something truly magical.  Jen Piceno “KatFyre” and Cindy Olah will 

use all of their magical tools, shamanic practices, and intuition as they place their hands upon your body.  Sessions are limited and only available on specific dates. Contact us for scheduling options.

For those ready to dive deep with personalized energy work, Cindy Olah &  “KatFyre” will be working with the power of 3 for intuitively guided “Feel the Magic” 4 Hands Alchemy Sessions. Together Jen and Cindy have infused their diverse styles together for a powerful and soulful combination of 4 Hands Alchemy.

Their unique blend of shamanic bodywork, light language, shadow extraction/integration is a true initiation in itself, yet it’s so much more. As
guide-esses they give their all in taking you to the sweet point…an opening for self healing to begin at a deep and intimate level. It’s an invitation to release and purge old wounds for the sacred intention of personal freedom.

The “alchemy” happens when you can finally free your energetic resources from feeding old programs, wounds and ancestral patterns from this life and beyond. The heat of your own self awareness and willingness to go through the fire, extracts that pure energy so that you can then use it to feed a greater expression of yourself. You become a more refined instrument for Self expression to occur, thus alchemizing your fears, wounds, anxieties, pain and experiences into something beautiful.

Sessions can be intense so it’s for those open & willing to do the work. So if you are feeling stuck, tired, anxious, depressed, powerless, alienated or confused we can help get the ball rolling.



Stay tuned for details and other unique opportunities.