Crazy comparison, I know, but it’s true…

Our female dog is in heat, and our male dog is trying way too hard. He’s losing his mind; he’s exhausted, panting, and a relentless pain in the ass.

He’s trying to corner her, mount her, and follow her when she wants nothing more than to escape his presence. He’s annoying, and she’s not buying.

How’s this relate to business? DM solicitations come through like a horney dog desperate for some action without any concern for what’s wanted, needed, or desired.

There’s no refinement, no personal interaction, lousy timing, sloppy delivery, no sincerity… just a copy/paste. It’s a miserable attempt that creates distrust and a sleazy vibe.

Some high-dollar coaches say to blow up people’s DMs. Yeah, yeah. I know, it’s a numbers game. You might even get lucky, but you won’t build respect.

I’m calling BS on it all. It’s not cool. For me, it’s a hell no. I don’t sell or buy like that.

It shows a lack of awareness and lack of training. I feel scarcity coming through the messages, not soul-aligned expansion.

Selling something that I clearly would never buy means you haven’t invested time or energy learning about me, my company, or my desires before you try to blow up my DM.

Soul-led leaders don’t operate this way. There’s a connection, conversation, referrals, relationship building, and mutual respect built through getting to know each other. Then, an invitation, IF it aligns.

Conscious-minded leaders want soul-mate clients. They desire to work with clients that light them up. They want to KNOW that what they have on offer will create a transformational shift and make a difference.

Conscious-minded leaders understand that it’s more than the transaction.

Integrity, passion, and purpose lead the way.