Having more money, more wealth, or creating the life you desire doesn’t take anything away from anybody else.

That’s an outdated mindset. Please, let it go.

Creating wealth, if done with the spirit of wealth consciousness, a prosperity mindset ignites and inspires others to have more wealth too.

As we activate change in our lives and the lives of others it has a powerful ripple effect, spreading like wildfire.

Together we rise, both independently and collectively to make an impact with a heartfelt difference.
There are so many ways to create wealth and positive change.

It’s not less “spiritual” either.

You can’t build up communities, feed the hungry, properly educate children, save the rainforest, clean the oceans, preserve wildlife, or do anything thing else that pulls on your heartstrings without resources.

Money is neutral. Putting it in the hands of conscious-minded people makes a world of difference. I’m passionate about this because I crave to see positive change in the world and we need all hands on deck. 

Heal your relationship with money, learn the difference between having money and being in a space of wealth consciousness.

It’s life-changing.

Start to create a positive relationship with money right now.

If you grew up with any financial hardships or with parents/grandparents that are carrying outdated beliefs, chances are you’ve got some of ’em too. 

What are your feelings about money? Does it make you feel expansive or not so great? 

It you grew up with statements like these below or any other negative thought patterns around money make a commitment to start unprogramming it today. It’s destruction to financial health and personal growth. 

Delete and dissolve these from your mindset
  • Money doesn’t grow on trees
  • We can’t afford that
  • We’re not rich
  • Easy come, easy go
  • Don’t get too comfortable
  • It’s hard to earn a living
  • We don’t have enough money for that
  • We’re on a tight budget
  • You don’t need that

If these statements sound familiar or other negative thought patterns came to mind. Then, there is belief work to repattern so you can change your relationship with money. 

I’ve done tons of personal work to clear generational and ancestral beliefs. It shifted everything and built a healthy relationship with money, wealth, and the expansiveness of living with a prosperity mindset.

Abundance is available to everyone and you deserve to be happy and prosperous. Try these affirmations on for size to get you started:

Money mindset affirmations
  • I deserve a prosperous, happy life
  • Money changes the world for the better
  • I’m a money magnet
  • I spend and receive money with gratitude
  • Prosperity flows into my life and is my divine birthright.
  • I deserve to have nice things
  • Money finds me easily 
  • I am great at managing money


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The Prosperity Priestess