This post is inspired by Hollie Renea, one of my authors in Wealth Codes, Sacred Strategies for Abundance who just hit a record month.

I’m so excited for her. She’s a mom, wife, fur mom, building an empire, launching a retail line, and creating the life she desires. She stated in her celebration post that “plan B wasn’t an option.” I could feel her words in my heart and know this is her truth.

Women are badass and getting things done, multi-tasking, running a household, a business, and all the relationships along the way.

You don’t have to choose. You get to have it all.

It gets to be fun.

It gets to be crazy busy and wildly exciting.

AND, you get to make kick-ass money doing what you love.

Backup plans are often misused. Like for those not believing they can actually do the thing they are setting out to do. It’s a destructive mindset for expecting failure labeled as “planning” or “being responsible”.

To me, proper planning means jumping in with both feet. going in with passion, soul-aligned knowing backed by desire, and the unified will that you deserve what you want and willing to take action steps to get it.

Trust me it’s a completely different experience than having a “backup plan”. Those backup plans are safe excuses to not do the thing.

Hollie then stated, “It’s not about the money, but I like the money.”

Cheers to that Hollie! I feel the same and am teaching others to embody this sacred truth.

Running a business gets to be financially, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually rewarding. In my opinion, it must be. This is WEALTH and we all deserve it.

Money in the hands of the conscious-minded is making a change in the right direction. It allows us to collectively do more good in the world. Building up communities, educating children, feeding the poor, healing the waters, air, and earth requires resources.

Yep, it takes money, honey!

It’s not less spiritual to have more money or to enjoy the pleasures it offers. It’s not about the money. It’s about the lessons learned on the way. The experiences and rich connections we discover.

We get to enjoy the money, guilt-free because of the lessons embodied.

It’s easier and easier as we realize that abundance is coded into our divine birthright. The divine masculine and feminine energies blend for an awakened experience of having and doing purposeful, beautiful things in the world with our sacred uniqueness backed by the spirit of soulful money.

Money itself is just paper. It’s powerless. We assign it its power and its purpose. We choose if it’s spiritual or not.

If you are broke and an asshole, money isn’t gonna fix the asshole part. If you want to feed the hungry but don’t have the resources, people will starve if all you have is best wishes.

Giving soul to money through purpose-driven experiences is where it’s at. Soul-aligned change is the key to opening the channels for the spirit of money to do its great work.

Often women battle an internal conflict of charging their worth. This can be confusing for those who are in the transformational space. It may stir ugly feelings of not-enoughness. Women often question if they can help others if they are still working on their own misalignments. The answer is YES.

This experience of life is the best spiritual leader we can ask for. Listen and learn. You are invited to heal in yourself what you are called to transform in others so pay attention.

Those of us with some years under our belts can resonate with the abundance of life lessons we have to offer women just entering their spiritual journey of self-mastery.

As a spiritual leader, I can confidently say that throughout our days and nights we are offered an inner reflection, deeper connections, purposeful experiences, and divinely guided opportunities.

Life is a magical experience of personal evolution. Be a student of life and keep learning through every moment.

Have fun, get curious, shake things up.

You are pure magic.

You have stardust in your blood and bones, so sparkle, shine, and illuminate in your unique way for all to see.

Make the money too…we need more change-makers doing big things to make a difference in the lives of others.

If you’re ready but need a boost to help figure it all out, reach out. I’d be honored to guide you on this journey.

I offer group and private programs in person and virtually that offer sacred experiences, personal and professional growth.

My mission is to put money in the hands of conscious-minded women to make a worldwide impassioned impact that changes lives on all levels.

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