Welcome. Thank you for stopping by. Glance through my credentials and certifications if you must, but do not set preconceived expectations for your session…it totally ruins the magic(k).  So, I ask that while you are here with me, you completely trust the process, the mystery, and art of it all. I am an untamed,  wild-hearted Shamanic Priestess. All hands on sessions are guided by Spirit with an eclectic blend of cross cultural practices & modalities along with the sacred feminine mysteries. I’m a Reiki Master Teacher & a Light Language practitioner with 30+ years experience this too will be blended into your sessions with me.  These sessions (or programs) are customized to your individual needs and life experiences. 

I meet you exactly where you are at without any judgement. If you choose to work with me I will take you outside of the mundane and introduce you to your most magical self. Come to me ready to work, ready to experience yourself fully, and be ready to uncaged yourself from all that holds you back. Come here to my sacred space with an “anything can happen” wildly fierce spirit and be brave enough to unravel, be seen and witnessed like never before.   


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