Are you ready for SACRED ALIGNMENT so you can expand in all areas of life on your own terms?


It’s time to
ALIGN if you are:


Feeling like your not where you want to be in life.

Frustrated, lost, depressed, or over-stressed.

Tired of mundane tasks and moving through life like a robot.

Energetically drained, mentally or physically exhausted.

Focusing on everything but yourself and FINALLY ready to say “yes” for yourself so you can get on track and back to loving life.


  • Personalized Channeled Message so you can bring in crystal clear intentions and create the map in which we navigate forward to make the most of your time, energy, and resources.
  • Activate feminine magnetism to attract the right people, opportunities, and situations 
  • Harness your inner power & get the attention and respect you deserve
  • Align with frequency that creates the life you want and DESERVE
  • Learn practices that simplify, energize, and support daily ease and flow 

WEALTH CONSCIOUSNESS (time, money, relationships, wellness, & spirituality)

  • Banish ancestral blocks and patterns so you can free yourself from limiting beliefs about money and relationship roles
  • Define your self-worth in your personal and professional life so you can create a flow of abundance
  • Tap into inner wisdom – save time, energy, and resources
  • Create more vitality and abundance by doing less
    • Learn the keys to manifesting and open the flow of abundance 
    • Free up time and end “the hustle” 
    • Seal off energy drains so you can contain energy and get more done, and stop fatigue or overwhelm
    • Reclaim financial power with a money makeover
      • remove money and/or relationship blocks that keep you stuck


  • Energetic balancing so you can feel lighter and free from the weight of the world you’ve been carrying
  • Embody unapologetic personal freedom and claim the power of choice 
  • Learn self-healing techniques to support wellness, relaxation, and better sleep
  • Break the chains of the past, dissolve limitations, and eliminate destructive patterns so you can be your best self
  • Define relationships and create partnerships that are in alignment with your dreams and desires

Get Started…

Receive Jen’s “Spiritual Tool Kit” so you have what you need at home to support this leap forward:

  • Full Voxer access every Wednesday – you’ll get encouragement, feedback, accountability, and deep support between sessions.

  • Signed copy of The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing so you have a resource guide at home.

  • ABUNDANCE CD with Jen’s personal track “Abundance for Unlimited Possibilities” to build more momentum in creating abundance.


  • SOUNDS CD by Nature Spirit Drums to embrace inner reflection and deep processing with relaxing sounds to support exploring authentic truths, wants and desires.


    Motivation, Change, Improvement

    A portion of the proceeds from all private programs are donated to support global impact.

    Thank you for giving “soul” and purpose to money by investing in yourself.