1-Day Spiritual Healing Intensive

Are you craving a boost in the right direction?

In this one day adventure, we start moving through challenges with basic processes that activate and inspire change.

This is a jam-packed experience with 1:1 with Jen Piceno.  You get her undivided attention to guide and coach you through what’s holding you back.

Will you heal it all in one-day? No, but it’s a small investment and a quick start that helps sort out the things you really want before making a bigger investment.

Get ready to pull up your sleeves, figure things out, and bring in some clarity.

ACTIVATE offers 3 hours of full-out customized life-altering coaching blended with shamanic practices to compassionately dig into what’s bothering you most and pave way for your next best steps. Includes a channeled light language message and chakra balancing. 

Optional add-on:
Reiki 1 attunement – It activates and aligns us with our divine selves. Level 1 is for self-healing. It’s an amazing self-relaxation technique that will support your healing journey and spiritual development. 

When you register you have the option of adding- the Reiki 1 attunement


Private Programs support self-mastery so you can expand and thrive in all areas of life.

These programs invite restored vitality, clarity, enhanced spiritual gifts, sacred purpose, personal and financial freedom, and lots of joy.

All private programs are customized experiences to meet you where you are at and take you where you want to go.

There is an investment of time, energy, and money to work at this level. These programs are NOT from everyone. To get transformative results – you gotta do “the work”, and I only work with spiritually mature women who are 100% willing to do inner work so they can reclaim personal power and live the life they seek.

Who these programs are NOT for:

  • Those who are perfectly comfortable with NOT expanding beyond the box they’ve been placed in.
  • Those who are NOT willing to make a commitment to leading a more vibrant magical life.
  • Those who would rather place blame on others than heal from the past
  • Those who are NOT comfortable with straight forward , honest communication.
  • Those NOT willing to invest time, energy, and money on themselves, for themselves.