My growing empire includes a Goddess-y space for corporate mystics, holistic and spiritual entrepreneurs, magical households, and seekers of truth looking to activate enchanted wealth in all areas of life.
This sacred space is a magical virtual vortex with live and prerecorded offerings.
Taking a step into this academy is like entering a temple that transforms the ordinary into extraordinary and turns the mundane into magical.

Enhance all areas of life with practices that lead to savoring an ecstatic life, growing your business, living a bewitched life of pleasure, and simplifying everything, so there’s more time for joy.

The Academy is home to eclectic programs and practitioners with courses charmed for accelerating life’s challenges, developing spiritual/psychic gifts, and living a fully orgasmic life on your own terms. It’s filled with soul-aligned sacred strategies, spiritual and business practices, magic, and mystery.

You’ll be delighted with courses of my own creation and some that are infused with the teachings of others for with cocreative brillance.