Imbolc Blessing

May the stirring of life underground stir new dreams into life within you.
May the flames of inspiration and new growth be ignited within your Being.


Being in a state of joy, vitality, and good fortune has everything to do with getting in the rhythm of divine alignment. If you’re not in alignment, you’re not in integrity with yourself, which makes life feel hard, uncomfortable, and exhausting.

SACRED, The Ceremonial Mastermind Experience, will guide you into living life on your own terms by aligning with your highest self.

I do life with my clients. You’re invited to become the magic offered to this unique container. This offering has the essence of private coaching threaded into the group experience. Together we’re purpose-driven, led by divine inspiration, and support each other with priestess-y sisterhood. If a Priestess like me has never led you, this may be new for you (and I hope it is).

I’ll say this. It’s my life mission to carry out the vows I made as a Priestess in Isis Cove. My lineage is powerful. When I invite you in, you’re guided, loved, and protected by me. I take you under my wing and teach you to fly.

Because of the level of mentorship I offer, I’m particular about how I blend energies, so I’ll be circled up with a small handful of carefully selected women. The way I mentor is layered with healing, psychic development, and priestess goodness brought together in ceremonial brilliance – This is how I get results, and you will too.

I’m facilitating this experience as a High Priestess and teaching the laws of expansion through sacred practices. I am a priestess, shaman, channel, and master of energetics. You will be different after this experience.

This is next-level mentorship for those ready to transform who they are and anchor into who they are becoming.

If you’re curious, feeling the nudge, or KNOW, please connect with me to see if this experience is for you. Text me at 770-896-2062, and we’ll find a time to chat that works for you. 

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