I’m not buying into the story or the attitude of people saying they don’t give a shit. Instead, I see their need to be loved and accepted, insecurities, and the fear of not being “enough”.
Don’t say “this is just how I am”, it’s boring at best. It shows a lack of courage and lets me know you’re unwilling to work through what haunts you, keeps you small, and wounded. It’s a red flag and tells me to invest my time and energy elsewhere.

I used to try to “save” everyone and everything that was wounded or drowning in their own misery. Thankfully, through lessons learned, I’ve come to understand not everyone deserves my time, love, or energy.

With 30 years of experience working with energy and seeing the unseen, I can easily see and know the magnificent potentiality in people. It’s heartbreaking to know they’d rather self-destruct, crash and burn, or continue looping through the same old patterns over and over again. The outcome is clear if they continue as is and that’s their choice not mine.
Maybe you’ve witnessed ugly patterns or experienced this knowing through relationships, family, or people you know. The hard truth is you cannot save someone not willing to save themself. You can’t do the work them. They have to be ready.

I’m not willing to work with people addicted to the blame game, self-inflicted lies, and a poor me mentality. I’ve learned they can’t be saved in that state of being and I don’t need to be anyone’s hero but my own.

Women who hire me are truth-seekers, cocreators, action takers, and sacred rebels who have stepped forward saying “hell yes” to paving their way to personal freedom, abundance, and ecstatic living without excuses.

They’re not scared to do their inner work. They proudly take self-responsibility and own their wounds, stories, power, and magic. They are ready and willing to do what it takes to handcraft the life they desire.

I work with women ready to build empires that make an impact.

They are willing to release outdated beliefs and commit themselves to create a beautiful life. These women understand empires can be built without unnecessary struggle or suffering.
They’ve witnessed there’s a path to success without grit, grind, and exhaustion. They know how to wink and smile at their shadow aspects and are empowered by wisdom, experience, and sisterhood.

There’s a goddess-y essence in these women who gather with me to claim inner power, intuitive guidance, creative flow, prosperity, and ecstatic living.
It’s an honor to do this work, celebrate these women, and see the empires being built in the process.

My tribe is growing as I grow. The cocreations are magical AF. The energy is off the charts good. It’s activating, exciting, and filled with experiences to be savored.
Soul-aligned, passionate change-makers are stepping up into the bigger vision. I love it!

I’m pulling everything together for more incredible programs designed for personal, spiritual, and business development – they’re infused with priestess-y goodness and enchanted with badassery.

I’m so excited about this next rollout!