I’m heading out to the Badass Business Summit on Thursday.

To pull off this trip I’ve gotten pretty creative. 6 days worth of clients got squeezed into 3 days along with a few author interviews, a few podcasts, and two masterminds.
I got household things situated like lunchbox prep, dinner prep, lots of laundry, instructions for the hubby, and a few hidden surprises for my kiddo.

Ya know moms rock entrepreneurship. We multitask, problem solve, and know-how to get things done in a pinch.

We’ve been known to push hard, conquer tasks for home and business, be innovative, resourceful, take care of everyone, and often fall exhausted when we fail to take time to ourselves.
I’ve been there and even stayed a while. Then, realized I was running on autopilot, not living life… just doing, doing, doing. Then, the switch flipped and I was done.

I rock this motherhood thing. I love being a mom. He melts me and he’s a damn good teacher. My inspiration for making the world a better place and becoming a better leader is sparked by his smile, big beautiful heart, and endless stream of questions.

I’m rocking business too. I’ve hand-crafted the life I want. It’s integrated, rich, and filled with incredible people, experiences, expansion, and celebrations.
I’m putting myself first. Not just boundaries, but really making space for what matters. My health and vitality are an essential priority.

It wasn’t always this way.

By mid-2020 I was completely lifeless. I put off surgery until my body started to shut down from BII (breast implant illness). I had chronic fatigue, gasped for air, struggled to breathe, heart issues, my hair was falling out, lumps under my arms, my muscles were not firing, horrible nerve pain, intense migraines, and a lot of other crazy weird shit that brought me to my knees.
Then, on Cinco de Mayo, I had explant surgery. Everything was scraped out, stitched up, and repaired.
Vitality returned and the precious lesson that health comes first quickly integrated as a personal non-negetoable vow. My first deep spacious breath after surgery was a gift and I’m not taking it for granted.

Naturally, I’m a go-getter and damn good at pushing my way towards what I desire without coming up for air. I dream big and crush limitations – always have. I had to rework how I do things.
Gratefully, I’m still a wild-hearted creatrix who goes after what she wants and continue to defy what others think is possible. My priestess-y zest for life keeps me anchored with one foot in gratitude and one foot moving towards desires.

Life flows. I am abundant. I receive. I step forward with divine truth. I don’t chase.

I do what I love. It’s enjoyable and filled with pleasure and prosperity. It gets to be easy. It’s fun. It’s energetically and spirally aligned. I wouldn’t have it any other way.
After surgery, my drive to push hard through grit and grind had a transformational truth rise into creative flow aligned with wisdom ready to embody into everyday life.
Wisdom…I refuse to overcomplicate things. If it’s hard I’m out of alignment.

I don’t believe it has to be hard. I believe we are conditioned to think it’s the key to success. It’s not. It leads to burnout, bad health, broken dreams, and failed marriages.
I connect with Source energy to guide the way, and I trust the wisdom that channels through.

I get much more done in less time now that I’m not muscling through things.

I say no to situations that don’t honor my life force energy, health, or spiritual center.

I listen to my body, wants, needs, and desires first, then take action. I give so much to those I serve but not by sacrificing my health EVER.
Recently I was tested to see if this vow would hold up through opportunities, people, and situations.

I had some perimenopausal shifts in my hormones and my heart rhythms are out of wack. I conveniently set it aside in the excitement of what I’m co-creating. Then, the sensations grew stronger, and I knew I had to take care of myself without worrying about anything else.

My cardiologist was fantastic. My heart is strong. The flow murmur is doing its thing. Body awareness got an A+ for articulating all the intricate sensations, and I feel better for listening to my body and taking action.

All looks good so far. A few precautions before I travel, a strong mindset, and a refresher on where priorities must anchor for longevity, to do what I love, to create change, serve, and love deeply.
Within each experience, a lesson surfaces. For me, this was a very gentle reminder.

My kiddo is learning about hearts through my experience. Tonight the lesson is heart monitors 101. It’s pretty cool to teach him through hands-on experience paired with my old anatomy books.
You matter.

Take care of your body; it’s the vessel in which all things birth.