4 Hands Alchemy Sessions Now Available

I’m thrilled to announce this new offering. Designed for those ready to dive deep with personalized energy work. Together with my soul sister Cindy Olah, we will be working with the power of 3 (One Client, Cindy, and Me) for intuitively guided “Feel the Magic” 4 Hands Alchemy Sessions. It is totally magical! We have infused our diverse styles together for a powerful and soulful combination of 4 Hands Alchemy.  

Our unique blend of shamanic bodywork, light language, shadow extraction/integration is a true initiation in itself, yet it’s so much more. As guide-esses we give our all in taking you to the sweet point…an opening for self healing to begin at a deep and intimate level. It’s an invitation to release and purge old wounds for the sacred intention of personal freedom.

The “alchemy” happens when you can finally free your energetic resources from feeding old programs, wounds and ancestral patterns from this life and beyond. The heat of your own self awareness and willingness to go through the fire, extracts that pure energy so that you can then use it to feed a greater expression of yourself. You become a more refined instrument for Self expression to occur, thus alchemizing your fears, wounds, anxieties, pain and experiences into something beautiful.

Sessions can be intense so it’s for those open & willing to do the work. So if you are feeling stuck, tired, anxious, depressed, powerless, alienated or confused we can help get the ball rolling.

Cindy Olah is owner of Sacred Garden Yoga, facilitator of Yoga of the Heart teacher training and creator of the Sacred Alchemy {Live, Love, Thrive} program. She’s a shadow worker, story teller, yoga teacher and keeper of the Dark Mothers. As a spiritual entrepreneur for over 14 years, she affirms in herself and in others that it’s “OK for you to be YOU and have everything that you want.”

Jen Piceno is the founder of Gypsy Moon Inc. She is a Priestess of Truth & Pleasure who connects with Ancient Roots and adds an edgy modern twist to support Women in their personal pursuit for freedom of old beliefs and self-sabotaging self talk. She’s an energy mover, shape shifter, path changer & truth seeker using Shamanic dance, chanting, light language, womb mysteries, and the art of ceremony. She speaks the language of your soul. There’s no hiding, she takes you exactly to the place that needs healing and enables you to see your truth in its purest, most raw form. Jen is also a licensed LMT.

Cindy & Jen are NOT therapists. They are are experienced intuitive energy workers.

These sessions are often very powerful and act as a catalyst to propel you forward on your growth, so be prepared to shift!

Sessions are by appointment only scheduled on specific healing days where we take several clients. We only offer these special days periodically.