My Spiritual Name & How It Changed My Path

My name is KatFyre

A spiritual name in my most simple explanation, is a vibration. A beautiful tool that magically elevates your energy through the power of its sound as it radiates through your body and rolls off your tongue. There is an unexplainable strength to its meaning, and for me it resonates deep within my soul in a very personal way that no single word or emotion can truly explain. KatFyre is my spiritual identity.  Claiming that name has magically set my soul flame on fire and fine tuned my intentions. It has placed me on a very specific part of my spiritual path and has brought forth clarity as I fiercely move forward in sacred purpose for myself and for others. To me, it’s an unshakable personal commitment on how to live my life at a higher vibration for my highest and greatest consciousness. It has challenged me to be brave hearted and live in purpose (even when it’s not easy). With each new name, I have made a personal choice to connect more deeply within my infinite self. The first two names, started this process of self evolution. I became stronger and made a commitment to myself as I willingly left many old patterns and beliefs behind. Some were deeply ingrained, but it was time to say goodby to those old beliefs and even to a few friends too.  

“Cat Fire”
Death & Rebirth Ceremony

Those first two names were like spiritual road maps leading me one step at a time closer to the big picture. At first the clarity was not totally vivid, but the direction was always there. The first spiritual name I accepted was in August 2017 at a Toltec Transcendence weekend on the beautiful land of Isis Cove in Whitter, NC.  Within the Wolf Den, I burned away inhibitions as I worked on myself right down to my deepest core (or at least as deep as I could go at this particular time and place). I peeled away the heaviness I was carrying (layer by layer). I experienced Shamanic death and rebirth which took me even deeper as the experience invited me to surrender. Then, just before our firewalk, while the fire keepers were tending to the fire, I snapped a quick selfie before preparing myself to walk (and dance) barefoot across those beautiful scarlet red coals.  In the photo the perfect shape of a cat made from fiery flames appeared with me in that photo.  I believe Cat Fire was playfully introducing me to the energies I was about to step into. 

I claimed the name on August 6th at our final ceremony. The ceremony was Sacred Marriage. And I said “I do” to myself as I “married” my inner beloved and made the eternal vow of commitment to myself. With so much energy drawing up from Mamma Earth into the soles of my feet, trembling up my body, and down from Father Sky through the crown of my head and into my heart space…It made be feel completely drunk on spirit.  The vibration was so big and so strong that I felt out-of-body, so I grounded myself and stood in the center of that star with the powerful energies of Grandmother Twaila dancing all around me. I invited High Priestess StarrFire to join me in the circle since she had been such huge part of my experience throughout the weekend and we had a special connection during my rebirth ceremony.  We held hands, standing in the middle of the Blue Star Circle of Transformation and I proclaimed “I own my power”. I am fire like the cat.  I am Cat Fire.” I cannot even begin to tell you how empowered I felt in that exact moment. I can say this, energetically, my aura stretched past the mountain tops and up to the heavens. And that was pretty incredible!

This happened during the Lions Gate. And that for me was no mistake, the energy of big cats had already been running with me and through me like cheetahs in the wild.  They always travel with me through the dimensions in Shamanic breathwork as I journey. They are my spirit guides, and they are always with me, so I believe their integration of energies had begun long before this ceremony, however I do know that the ceremony and the big energies of the Lions Gate certainly enhanced it all. When I returned home, my sacred healing space was renamed as “The Lions Den” in honor of the cat energies that helped me wake up and claim my personal power.

With the powerful connection I felt with StarrFire I knew we’d be working together again.  It was a strong knowing and an energetic connection that wouldn’t give up on me moving forward on my path.  Later that year, I joined her circle for the Shamanic Priestess Process.  At initiation I accepted the powerful name of “Freya de la Luna y Fuego”.  This name fueled my fire and pushed me forward through some of the deepest and most challenging work within myself (from this lifetime and past lives too).  There was a sence of magic in that name that pulled everything else all together. It illuminated my spiritual road map. I worked very closely with the energies of Isis, Yemenya, Kali, and Ix’Chel.  These ladies, well all I can say is that they do not play around.  Over the course of 9 months, my path twisted and turned. It became bold, clear, and at times physically challenging. It cracked me wide open as I cleared, released, transformed and integrated with new higher vibrations. Spiritual work is definitely not all sparkly and filled with love, light….there is a lot of tears, anger, shame, bitterness, trauma, and lots of triggers to work through…it all rises to top. You have to go through your own darkness to get to your own light. With that being said, the Priestess Path is not for the light-hearted. It is deep, hard work that brings forward everything that needs to be healed.  For me, Kali got to work right away.  She destroyed the old beliefs, she challenged my stories and self talk, she was bossy and in my face edging me on, activating my triggers, and encouraging me to shift into my greatness. She doesn’t use flowery words, or ease you into to anything.  She comes in with a wrecking ball, tearing down everything that isn’t working. Then she lights a match and before your eyes she burns that shit right up! That my friend is worth the work. Kali eliminated everything that was holding me back and propelled me forward to my higher purpose as a Priestess without any unneeded baggage.  While Isis spoke to very directly as her High Priestess, reminding me of all the wisdom I hold from the great mysteries. Ix’Chel she teaches me the ways of the Mayan indigenous people. She is who brought forward the Medicine Woman within me and encouraged the Womb Work I do within the community. Yemenya, she is my ebb and flow of emotions cleansing me and clearing me with pureness as each barrier was removed.  She rushed in with immense power and subsided with grace as I worked with both the shadow and the light.  

June 24th, 2018 I completed the Shamanic Priestess with our final Emergence Ceremony. High Priestess, StarrFire changed the spelling of my Shamanic name to “KatFyre” (Sekhmet) which is exactly how it came to her. It was with that change, the energies of Sekhmet came rushing forward and I truly felt her magick within the new vibration.  At the ceremony I received communion, was anointed and infused with the Sacred Priestess lineage. I announced my personal decoration as a Priestess and spoke about my gifts to the community. 

I am KatFyre, Gypsy Moon Mamma, Priestess of Divine Transformation and Light Force Energy.  Divine Rebel, Seeker of Truth, Passion, and Pleasure. I am aligned with Sekhmet, Isis, Ix’Chel, and the Wild Kingdom of big Cats.  


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