It’s the best when morning meditation is extra insightful, and big ah-has come through.

There was a time when I let the busyness of motherhood and running a business take over my morning practice. I let it disrupt my peace just long enough to learn I can’t let that happen if I want to savor life.
Things unraveled when I skipped my morning practice. I experienced fatigue, felt distorted, clarity was muddy, chaos set it, mornings were horrible, and I was grumpy, unsatisfied, and uneasy throughout the day.

It was a good reminder of how valuable (and potent) simple practices are. It’s clear they deserve our time and attention.

My morning practice gifts me hightened intuition. Enhanced pleasure deliciously comes through with ease. Peace and joy embrace me with divine love, filling my heart with warmth. My body relaxes into feeling sacred, strong, and ecstatic.

With each spacious breath, I feel calm, joyful, and illuminated. There’s clarity and distinct knowings reveal.
It’s priceless.

I’m a better mom, wife, and business leader for it.

I’m perfectly confident announcing DO NOT DISTURB. Because this time is untouchable, there are no negotiations.
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