I love this time of year. It’s the space in between what I’m leaving behind in 2021 and what I’m stepping towards in 2022.

I don’t set goals. I find that when I do, I’m more conservative and that keeps me playing smaller than the level I like to play at.

Instead, I review the year. I celebrate my wins (again), decide what to keep in motion, what to burn away. and where to adjust to create more joy, wealth, and freedom.

I get really honest with myself. I go through my relationships, programs, commitments, obligations, etc, asking myself is this limiting or expansive?

With that information, I allow myself the great pleasure of feeling into the outcomes I most desire if nothing held me back. I see and feel what that looks like and the clarity helps me easily make adjustments.

Here’s a little trick I’ve picked up over the years. Some people miss their mark so then they make their desired “goal” or outcome something more simple to achieve.

That doesn’t feel good to me. I like a challenge and I purposely choose to dream bigger even in times where I’ve missed my mark.

Why? There’s a natural calibration that happens when I let my imagination go wild and it blasts me forward every single time, surpassing what I would have set if I were basing things on what I did the year, month, or day before.

Go bigger, bolder, and be more playful with your growth.

This is delicious energy that creates the greatest potential and limitless outcomes.

Invite firey energy to move through your body and let it land on your whiteboard, generating ideas fuelled with passion and purpose. Feel the magic, take inspired action, and dance in delight.

I’m my best in this state of creative exploration. It’s where I co-create with my biggest, highest self.

Things magically “download” channeling through me and my job is to keep up while staying in the flow with my divine essence and trusting everything is aligning for the next big level of growth.

Here’s what’s coming in January:

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