My house looks like a hobby lobby exploded in my living room. No joke. I love getting into the holiday spirit.
We have trees throughout the house and on into my therapy room.

Holiday music isn’t really my jam, so we’re bopping around to an eclectic mix of international music with an occasional kid’s bop song while sipping on ceremonial grade cacao. It’s so good.
My home is sacred to me.

I create magic in everyday moments…the “extra” touches and deliberate intentions create an ecstatic zest for life.

The element of surprise, curiosity, and creative sparks of magic is weaved into everything I do, and the holidays inspire me to go full out.

I feel so blessed for all that we have. My beautiful family and the love we share are beyond what I ever imagined for myself.

Life is abundant, beautiful, and sacred. It keeps getting better and better, and I’m grateful for every moment.
Here’s the truth. There’s abundance, beauty, and love available to everyone, but sometimes ya gotta go through some shitty shit to get to the other side.

We’ve had rough years, tough times, and worked through the aftershock of heart-wrenching loss. So, as much as I love this time of year, I’m also mindful that not everyone feels the same at this moment. I also know one decision can change everything.

So many people dread the holidays. It may even feel like pure torture. For some, it’s because of all that family drama, others it’s loneliness or bad childhood memories, a breakup, divorce, kids leaving home, a loss of a child, loved one, job, or pet.

They’re all valid reasons to feel whatever is being felt. I’m here to tell you there’s so much more waiting for you (and them). Move through it. You don’t have to do it alone.

If you’re triggered, sad, or need support I’ve opened up more slots on my calendar through the holiday season to invite in deep healing transformations for those on their unique journey to wholeness.


I’m only doing this for 3 soul-mate clients, so I’m calling in those hungry to expand, heal, and deepen intuitive gifts to the next level.

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$555 for 1 Month Voxer Experience 1:1 Coaching with direct access to me.

Only 3 slots are available at this rate.

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