Shamanic Whole-Body Holistic Healing

My approach has proven to guide women through their physical pain, emotional trenches, and unhealthy patterns. They have successfully propelled forward into a place of everyday magick that frees them from mundane lives, while aligning them with real dreams, desires, and purpose.

The journey of whole-body healing is the vehicle that drives us to awaken, expand, reclaim lost parts of ourselves, harness power, and align with the authentic truth of our desires. 

I am dedicated to helping woman transform their lives so they can align with their fullest potential and purpose.  I don’t “coach” my clients on life changes or quick fixes because authentic healing and real transformations are not scripted with cookie cutter solutions. Instead, I guide with fierce compassion through the messy, sticky truths that arise with each experience and train women in self-mastery.

I work holistically to integrate whole-body healing and hold a sacred container that initiates and encourages truth to rise through a fully expressed mind, body, and spirit connection. The integration is unique for each person.

No description available.Claim the essence of your uniqueness as you shift perspective, remove blocks, harness feminine power, tap into inner wisdom, clear unhealthy patterns, and and step forward with clarity and purpose.

Shamanic whole-body healing and transformative practices help balance and integrate all parts of life and free us from emotional, physical, & subjunctive challenges while banishing the blocks and limitations that hold us back from dreams and desires.

“The work” illuminates areas ready to transcend so you can move through frustrations, fears and doubts with profound understanding, power, and precise clarity with deeper understanding, ease, and grace.

Simultaneously, we go on a magical adventure together. It’s the best part! Working in sacredness and manifesting desires with intentional actions makes a huge difference in how you show up in life and how people see you. You’re already a magick-maker, but you may be unintentionally creating exactly what you don’t want.  No worries, we’ll take care of that! 

I’ll guide you into experiential practices that easily integrate with contemporary lives and support what you really want to create for yourself. 

Reach out if you are ready to say “yes” to a more magical, vibrant, fulfilling life so you can:

  • Delve into intuitive development and enhance spiritual gifts 
  • Connect deeply into ancestral wisdom to clear destructive family patterns and unhealthy attachments 
  • Awaken creativity so you can rejuvenate your Goddessy aliveness
  • Banish boredom and mundane tasks so you can delight in delicious sparks of everyday magic(k) 
  • Tap into inner wisdom and silence self doubt
  • Understand the source of your aches, pains, and dis-ease so you can release them.
  • Remove stagnant energetic blocks so you can rebalance and align  
  • Restore vitality and sexual energy so you can live life orgasmically 
  • Learn how to harness power and fertility so you can birth ideas, dreams, and visions into form
  • Create abundance and start living the life you deserve

I’d love for you to be my next success story! 


These calls are reserved for women ready to experience whole-body healing and real transformative work. Book the call only if you are ready to commit to yourself and willing to do the work so you can move through the places you are stuck and into the life you crave.

We’ll take 30 minutes to explore curiosities, desires,
and the raw truth of why you are seeking my support.

I’ll offer intuitive insights and discuss honest solutions
needed right now so you can align with the ideal life you desire.

Join me in my virtual sacred space if you are ready
to say “yes” to a more vibrant, magickally joyful,
deliciously juicy satisfying life.

Let’s Connect.
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AUTHOR’S NOTE: The word magick is spelled intentionally with a “k” to honor “the work”, sacred ritual, change, and transformation.
– Jen Piceno