Jen is a diversely trained Licensed Massage Therapist & Reiki Master Teacher who holds numerous certifications in Eastern & Western healing modalities. She honors ancient traditions of the healing arts along with the power of ceremony while respecting her own inner wisdom as a modern medicine woman. She combines all of her professional training together to create a unique holistic approach while encouraging her clients to live a vibrant, uninhibited magickal life. 

Her practice supports healing processes while balancing the physical, emotional, and energetic bodies. Sessions may include working through old beliefs, core issues, generational patterns, and suppressed emotions.  Jen is a highly intuitive Shamanic Priestess named “KatFyre” and known as a powerful “path changer” activating change and transformation in the clients that seek her services.  Jen’s credentials 

Bodywork ✦ Reiki ✦ ThetaHealing ✦ Channeling ✦ Infrared Light Therapy ✦ Cross Cultural Shamanic Practices ✦ Sound Therapy ✦ Chinese Cupping ✦ Healing Touch ✦ Rites of Passage ✦ Mayan Abdominal Massage ✦ Raindrop Therapy ✦ Shamanic Journey ✦ Breathwork ✦ Sacred Space Clearing ✦ Energy Balancing ✦ Womb Healing ✦ Munay Ki: 13 Rites of The Womb ✦ Healthy Libido ✦ Emotional Release ✦ Crystals ✦ Inner Wisdom ✦ Talk Therapy ✦ Ceremonial Cacao ✦ Body Movement & Dance Therapy ✦ Artistic Expression ✦ Shadow Work ✦ Stretch Therapy ✦ Sacred Circles ✦ Light Language ✦ Oracle Card Readings ✦ Reflexology ✦ Therapeutic Grade Pure Essential Oils ✦ Hand Crafted Sacred Scents ✦ The Medicine Wheel ✦ The Art of Ceremony ✦ Healing the Past ✦ Wellness Retreats ✦ Sacred Circles ✦ Fire Ceremonies ✦ Women’s Empowerment Training ✦ Metaphysical Coaching Women’s ✦ Reiki Classes & Attunements ✦ and more 

Jen is also the co-owner and senior instructor at 4 Alchemy Mystery School. Her offerings are available internationally.

Complimentary 15-minute phone consultation available for new clients. 

Private sessions are available in Lawrenceville & Marietta. Jen is also available for private events, and remotely via telephone & Zoom sessions.

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