The path to a more magical life begins here.

Journey with me, your shamanic priestess and guide, on a path of limitless possibilities.

Finally, understand what’s in the way of the magical life waiting for you.

Learn about the spiritual/psychic gifts, and sacred purpose you were put on earth to experience.

Through sacred multi-sensory experiences including ancestral healing, energy medicine, and shamanic counseling that helps heal the past, lift pain, and bring deep clarity, we’ll get you where you’ve been longing to go.

Get ready to:

~Bust through blocks like you never thought possible

~Experience a magical, other-world connection with your guides and ancestors

~Quickly get to the heart of your deepest desires and a clear path forward


Curious about working with me? Simply schedule a connection call.

We’ll explore curiosities, desires, and the underlying truth of why you are seeking support.

I’ll offer Priestess-y wisdom and intuitive insights. Then, we’ll see where things go from there. 

This is not a pushy sales call. It’s a time for you to drop into your heart and see where spirit leads you next. 

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The Latest Magic:

Sacred storytelling: It all started when I said yes to Brave Healer Productions and it has been a wild ride of soulful sharing since then. I’m a contributing author for the Amazon
# 1 International Best Seller, The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing, Volume 3. You’ll find my work in Chapter 16 – Energetic Womb Healing: Reclaiming Feminine Power and Fertility Naturally. I’m in volume 4 too, Chapter 3 – Balancing Codependency: Finding Self-Acceptance & Personal Power. Tentative release March 2021. 

Now, I’m busting at the seams over this current project! I’m working on my submission for “The Ancestors Within” led by Amy Gillespie Dougherty and Brave Healer Productions. It all went down with the supportive energies of the Wolf Full Moon. Ancestral wisdom and healing techniques will be in print soon (Tentative Release May 2021). 

You’ll also find me sharing my magic on Gulf Coast Meditations ABUNDANCE CD with my divinely guided meditation – track 8 – Abundance for Unlimited Possibilities. I’ve added the track to my resources page as a free gift so you can experience the sensations, spiritual connection, and high frequency this track shares. 

Jen Piceno is a featured author in chapter 16.
Jen Piceno, Chapter 16
Jen Piceno is a featured author in Chapter 3.
Jen Piceno, Chapter 3
Jen Piceno is a featured author in Chapter 23
Jen Piceno, Chapter 23