I’m on a mission to change lives, put money in the hands of soul-aligned women, and ignite passion and purpose for all who cross my path.


I bring magic into every day moments, activate spiritual gifts, and invite you to join me in hand-crafting a life worth savoring. 

I’m not just a “coach”, I’m a modern day shaman who walks the priestess path of enchanted wealth, ecstatic living, magic, and mystery. I savor life and invite you to do the same.

Women hire me for rapid personal and professional transformation.  

You’ll quickly learn that my practice is filled with rituals, sacred strategies, shamanic practices, activations, one-of-a-kind experiences, channeled divine wisdom, gernerational/ancestral healing, and powerful energetics. Together we banish barriers blocking prosperity and pave the way to what you desire.

Women in my circles learn how to hand-craft the life they crave and they do so unapologetically on their own terms. 

Building a successful business, healing trauma, finding “the one”, repairing generational wounding, and up-leveling your life without burnout requires a different strategy than what you’ve probably experienced in masculine-minded programs and therapeutic offerings.

I’m working with higher-powers, balancing divine femine/masculine energies, and restuctoring beliefs at a cellular level. Oh yes!  It’s badass. 

You’ll simplify everything and make life more delicious while creating (and conquering) everything like a warrior goddess who harnesses her gifts, power, and confidence.

We do things here through the art of ceremony, divine wisdom, and lots of Priestess-y goodness to activate, align, integrate, and embody…then, graduate into self-mastery.

You’ll love the liberated feeling of soul-aligned wealth, passion, and purpose.

Simple practices make a big impact and shift everything!

    • Master Mindset: Clear Generational Beliefs and Patterns
    • Harness the Power of Energetics: Get More Done in Less Time
    • Attract Soul-Led Sales, Relationships, and Experiences, and Opportunities 
    • Deepen Your Divine Connection and Boost Life Force Energy 
    • Transformational Growth: Heal the Past and Your Money/Relationship Blocks
    • Enhance Intuition and Make Decisions Easily 


    “I have had the honor of being a part of what Jen is doing for the last several months. Jen has a way of getting to the truth of a matter in minutes.

    She has an innate ability to see what’s going on and be available for the solution. She doesn’t play small and doesn’t allow you to either.

    I have grown more in the last few months of doing work with her than I have in almost a decade of personal growth work. I cannot recommend her enough.”

    Erin Jones, Owner, Urban Evolutions Salons

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