Healing, Power & Magic(k)

Jen Piceno

Clients & students come here seeking answers. They want relief from pain and frustration so they can move forward into personal freedom. The journey of healing is the vehicle that drives us to claim our personal power. This path requires effort on your part, but offers freedom from emotional, physical, & subjective challenges.

I guide students & private clients to clarity & purpose while supporting them in conquering the essence of what’s really holding them back.

My methods have proven to guide Women through their pain, emotional trenches, and unhealthy patterns so they can experience & embody personal & financial freedom.

The experience of whole body healing along with beautiful sparks of magic(k) ripples abundance into all areas of life creating independence, income & liberating success stories that make an impact.

Clients have successfully steeped out of distress and moved forward by:

  • Dissolving physical and emotional pains so they can lead a vibrant fulfilled life 
  • Clearing sexual limitations & blockages to rejuvenate sexual energy, juiciness, fertility & feminine power. 
  • Dissolving abundance blocks & and manifesting more money 
  • Ending dysfunctional patterns & embracing personal freedom 
  • Attracting healthy relationships & setting boundaries {or closure} to the toxic ones 
  • Healing traumatic experiences & moving forward with clarity & purpose 
  • Shifting from uncontrolled anxiety into a grounded, empowered lifestyle with confidence & control as a natural empath 
  • Conquering the mundane lifestyle & creating everyday magic(k) 
  • Claiming authentic wants, needs, & desires without shame, doubt, or not feeling worthy enough
  • Dissolving fears, excuses, & limitations while building abundance for entrepreneurs to uplevel impact, offerings, & results
  • Conquering uncertainty & stepping fully into the sacred power of spiritual gifts and talents 

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