The journey…

The journey begins with big life changes and unexpected transitions that are difficult to navigate alone. I understand because my life path has taken me through extremely hard knocks with “grit and grace”.

This is why I do what I do. My experiences have equipped me and trained me how to walk deeply and delve it the heart of it all. I do so with fierce compassion for Women through some of their rough patches.

People seek my help for many reasons, but they all share something in common….they are seeking answers & relief from emotional, physical, or subjective challenges
so they can move forward. 

Clients have stepped into purpose while conquering problems and situations that use to hold them back, such as:  

  • Dissolving physical and emotional aches & pains
  • Recovering from mastectomies and claiming self acceptance while stepping into their power with confidence
  • Healing from Ex-plant Surgery (and Breast Implant Illness symptoms) and back into a healthy vibrant life. 
  • Ending dysfunctional family patterns & embracing personal freedom
  • Recovering from infidelity heartache saving the relationship or dissolving it in with the power of inner knowing and confidence.
  • Healing from abusive relationships & having personal freedom… moving forward, safe, strong, & empowered 
  • Attracting healthy relationships and ending toxic patterns  
  • Dissolving abundance blocks & and earning more money with ease 
  • Healing traumatic experiences and finding clarity & soul purpose
  • Calming chronic anxiety & shifting into a grounded & empowered lifestyle 
  • Rejuvenating health, vitality, & sexual energy. 
  • Conquering a mundane lifestyle & creating everyday magic 
  • Crushing limitations and claiming authentic wants, needs, and desires with grit & grace
  • Connecting on a deeper level and feeling inner wisdom awaken.
  • Dissolving fears and excuses while expanding fully as abundant purpose driven entrepreneurs 


I walk deeply with Woman support & enhance their quest of liberated personal freedom. 


My methods have proven to guide them through their wounds, emotional trenches, and unhealthy patterns so they can experience & embody personal & financial freedom.

The experience of whole body healing  ripples abundance into all areas of life creating independence, income & impact. 


As Women come forward to heal and align, they go through a series of feelings and emotions. Sometimes that brings in incredible excitement, but it can also bring up resistance, self doubt, anger, grief, and fears. You may already be seeing some of that showing up already. It usually comes in as an annoying self sabotaging voice that tells you things like:
“you’re not worthy”, “you’re not good enough”, “you’re not smart enough” 
“you deserve what’s happening”, “that’s stupid”, “you’re not ready”, “it’s not possible”, or “you should play it safe”, and “don’t be selfish, you shouldn’t want more than you already have” (just to name a few).

Any of that sound familiar? I get it…I’ve been there too!

I’m inviting you to silence that voice and awaken another.  I’m inviting you to connect in a soulful way through inner wisdom, intentional living, and by tapping into your divine essence so you can be in relationship with yourself and with life in a new, exciting way. You’ll find that by committing to yourself, you’ll discover what if feels like feel peaceful and satisfied on all levels. It’s liberating and it’s life-changing! 

My practice offers experiential self exploration, unique creative processes,  therapeutic healing (eastern and western modalities), & the art of ceremony that weaves wounds into liberating success stories. 

Programs are designed to dissolve what’s in your way or holding you back so you can lead an abundant and healthy life that satisfies all areas of your life.

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