Wealth consciousness is an ecstatic way of living and doing business. Stop chasing the dream, the money, the relationship. . . instead, become an open channel for abundance. 

I coach woman into embodied wholeness so they can savor life and unapologetically live on their own terms.

Building a business without burnout requires a different strategy than what you’ve probably been taught in masculine-minded programs. 

Stop chasing money and allow it to flow to you.

With me, you’ll simplify everything and make life more delicious. 

Soul-Aligned Wealth, Passion, and Purpose:
    • Master Mindset: Clear Generational Beliefs and Patterns
    • Harness the Power of Energetics: Get More Done in Less Time
    • Attract Soul-Led Sales, Relationships, and Opportunities 
    • Deepen Your Divine Connection and Boost Life Force Energy
    • Transformational Growth: Heal the Past and Your Money Blocks
    • Enhance Intuition and Make Decisions Easily 

    Customized programs and practices get the juices flowing and invite big-visions to the next level of possibility.   

    I can’t wait to celebrate your success as everything manifests into creation.

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    “I have had the honor of being a part of what Jen is doing for the last several months. Jen has a way of getting to the truth of a matter in minutes.

    She has an innate ability to see what’s going on and be available for the solution. She doesn’t play small and doesn’t allow you to either.

    I have grown more in the last few months of doing work with her than I have in almost a decade of personal growth work. I cannot recommend her enough.”

    Erin Jones

    Owner, Urban Evolutions Salons

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