Dedicated to improving the lives of women through all life phases.

Jen is a Master of the Creative Healing Arts: 

She is an international best selling contributing author, ordained shamanic priestess, and practitioner with 30+ years of expertise in the healing arts.

She transforms challenging and often traumatic life experiences into purpose, and aligns women with their superpowers through personalized ceremony, ancestral healing, shamanic bodywork, creative movement, shamanic journeys, and light language.

Jen will help you bust through restrictions so you can solidify your purpose and begin the transformation you’ve been craving in any area of your life.

Get ready to align with everything you were meant to be in ways you’ve never experienced before. 

She’ll take you on a magical adventure – it’s the best part! Working in sacredness and manifesting desires with intentional actions makes a huge difference in how you show up in life and how people see you. She believes that everyone is a magic-maker, but most are unintentionally creating what they don’t want.  No worries, she’ll take care of that! 

Jen guides you through practices that easily integrate with contemporary lives and support what you really want for yourself. 

Reach out if you are ready to say “yes” to the life you crave. She helps clients in all areas of life. Here’s just an example of how she supports women on their path:

  • Delve into intuitive development and enhance spiritual gifts 
  • Connect deeply into ancestral wisdom to clear destructive family patterns and unhealthy attachments 
  • Awaken creativity so you can rejuvenate your Goddess-y aliveness
  • Banish boredom and mundane tasks so you can delight in delicious sparks of everyday magic(k). 
  • Tap into inner wisdom and silence self doubt
  • Heal deep wounds of the past so you can experience personal freedom, peace, and joy
  • Understand the source of your aches, pains, and dis-ease so you can finally release them
  • Remove stagnant energetic blocks so you can rebalance and align  
  • Restore vitality and sexual energy so you can live life orgasmically 
  • Learn how to harness feminine power and fertility so you can birth ideas, dreams, and visions into form
  • Create abundance and start living the life you deserve

Jen is a featured artist on Gulf Coast Meditations Abundance CD with her Channeled Language of Light Message – “Abundance for Unlimited Possibilities”. Her offering is available as a gift to you on her resources page so you can experience the sensations and spiritual connection her work shares. 

Jen is a contributing Author for the Amazon # 1 International Best Seller, The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing, Volume 3. She shares her personal story and wisdom in Chapter 16 – Energetic Womb Healing: Reclaiming Feminine Power and Fertility Naturally. 

Jen is a contributing Author for volume 4 too. You’ll find her work in chapter 3. Balancing Codependency:  Finding Self-Acceptance & Personal Power. Tentative release March 2021

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Lets chat. We will talk for approximately 20-30 minutes to explore curiosities, desires,
and the underlying truth of why you are seeking my support.

I’ll offer intuitive insights and discuss how you can propel forward with intentional movement toward the life you desire.

If you are ready, join me at my virtual sacred space so you can take the next best step towards a more vibrant and satisfying life filled with big sparks of magic.

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